Billy Goat

He doesn’t care what others think. Because goats lack the intelligence to understand most concepts, which includes the understanding that other beings are sentient, or the realization that they are beings similar to themselves. That was really unrelated to the moc…

Insert screaming goat meme here. Don’t act surprised, I know you were going to. Go on.


I wouldn’t be so sure.

If goats had opposeable thumbs, they would rule the universe…


Shh… Just let them keep on thinking that… And soon, by little friends shall… um… You know… It would be a good time to get distracted now…

I am truly terrified.

…by those red axles and blue pins!

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Reminds me of my fun times in goat simulator; automatic like. I’d love to see you build armor for the goat.

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Make two smaller ones and a troll, and you got a great fairy tale.

Time to make a lego goat simulator…
Anyway, pretty neat MOC.


You nailed the eyes.
I meant that figuratively.

It’s alright…could use better shaping and/or texturing because it just looks like a complex, greebly brick with ccbs limbs with another brick for a head and some minute accessories to sell it as a goat…

I like it. Creative parts usage is always good to see. Also, this is the first time I see that Pohatu Phantoka arm piece being used in a MOC, nice!

sorry i had to

As for the MOC, it’s a goat.
And it looks good.

goat noises
“have a great topic badge” in goatese

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That’s Billy good.


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I love this so much

billy da goat

I dont know whats the most weird thing about this;

That it exists


That it only has a white piece which is the billy-goat beard, which means that the rest of the body is bald

Pretty good. Though the ccbs legs clash with the technic body.

it looks Meeeeeeeh!

get it? 'cus it is a goat :triumph:

kidding, its looks funny to me, and i like the head!