Billy Jean (Reference to TTV Talks Episode)

@whaddon it’s supposed to be I just picked a nmae that matched something for ttv talks
When eljay mentions how he does care about Smucker Joe and billee jeanthats what the overalls are for


To quote Resident Evil One
"What is it"
It looks like a Stand to me

Also @Toa_Of_Red_Pins
You don’t need to edit your reply into the Main topic
It just seems pointless

And what episode is this from
Just from TTV Talks Episode is not enough


Isn’t it double posting if I don’t I was once banned for that

No, it’s only double posting if you post twice in a row.

Anyhow, the Moc. Some different angles would help, and while the pictures are clearer than your previous, it still could be improved. the overalls are also eally messy, and don’t resemble overalls that much.

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GLaD to here it looks better always happy to know my work hasn’t gone to waste is it the straight Ness of the overalls or the whole build also if you can’t tell that a pitchfork

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the overalls are just to clunky, it resembles armor more than cloth.

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BIlly Jean’s not my lover. she’s just a girl…

I apologise.


She says I am the one.

The chair is not my son.

That’s what he sings, right?


The offical lyrics says the kid is not my son. He says kid like chid.


Dang it you guys beat me to it!

Anyway, the moc surely has an interesting look, although I kinda wish you had a slightly better camera.

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Those are overalls? I thought he had four legs and had a problem.

He says it’s overalls in the main post.