Bio-Avengers: S1 E1

This story is made with @Kikoa. He tried to post this by himself… but he screwed up.

It was a cold night. Mirciulix was listening Creeping in my Soul on his MP3. Vekoron, the Protector of Lighting was chatting with Tulon, a simple Ko-Matoran. He didn’t know what will happen. Right when the music finished and he was ready to hear Crashed, an explosion sounded in his back. He turned around and saw the hell. The hoses were on fire. Vekoron took his weapons. Mirciulix took his blaster. Tulon just stayed there. Fron the giant flames a big figure appeared. The monster got two heads and four arms. It was giant. Next to him, another person appeared. It looked like a human being with a very weird mask. It seems to be some sort of mutated monster. The giant exit from the flames and looked at the Matorans. Half of it was still on fire. The other half was made from obsidian. His faces and parts of the body were made from bones.
Mirciulix: Oh my. What a giant mess thing!
Vekoron: Mirciulix! I will defeat this monsters. You and Tulon evacuate the village!
Mirciulix: Don’t talk like a hero! I am better than my brother!!
Vekoron: And I am a Protector. Now go!
Mirciulix looked at Vokoron, then at the monster and at the Toa.
Mirciulix: Come on, Tulon! Let’s get the others out of this hell!
Mirciulix and Tulon ran. Vekoron was ready from fight, when one head started to laugh.
Head 1: Oh… Puny little Protector do you really think you can stop us?
Vekoron: Who are you, monster!
Head 1: We are Ignax!
Vekoron: What? We—
Mutated Toa: Yes both of them are Ignax, even if one of them is Skarax and the other one is Ignus.
Vekoron was puzzled.
Mutated Toa: Yeah, I know. It makes perfect sense.
Ignax pushed the Toa from his back.
Skarax (head 1): Do your job and shot your mount!
Ignus (Head2): This is our fight!
Skarax: Yes! We only brought you along because you only wanted so badly the revenge with this Toa of Lighting, Razey!
Ignus: His name is Razer.
Skarax: WHATEVER! Do your job!
Mutated Toa: Calm down, partner! I mean partners.
The mutated Toa took a big sword and dueled with Vekroron. But when the protector wasn’t ready, the Toa used his powers to take a giant rock and hit Vekoron with it. The Protector flew over under a tree. The Toa walked over there and took the protector from his neck.
Mutated Toa: Vekoron, are you afraid by death?
Vekoron used a hidden knife and put it into Toa’s head. The Toa took the knife from his head, regenerating.
Mutated Toa: Oh man! Not again!
Vekoron: How— how are you…
Mutated Toa: Listen, I will never die by a little Matoran. So tell me where Razer and his team is or I will…
Ignus: Calm down, Raptor.
Raptor threw it to the floor.
Raptor: The only reason why I am in this thing is because I want that Toa!
Skarax: Oh, shut up, Clawface!
Raptor: Careful who you insult!
Skarax: If you didn’t had a healing factor and the protection of Makuta, I would kill you right here and right now!!
Ignus: Both of you, stop bickering! We have a Toa Team to capture!
Raptor: You know I am here for money and revenge!
Ignus: And you know Makuta will not be happy if we don’t find the Toa!
Skarax: Fine!
Raptor: If you say so!
Ignax and Raptor walked to the mountains. Vekoron was still shocked. He never saw a creature that powerful, with a healing factor… He felled on the grass. Tomorrow he will go to find these two criminals and see where they went. He never new that Mirciulix and Tulon were in a bush, not far away. They saw and heard everything. They ran away to the City of Mask Makers.
Tulon: So what are we gonna do now? I am scared.
Mirciulix: No problem, pal! I will protect you better than Narmoto!
Tulon: Where are we going!
Mirciulix: To find my brother. He will knew what to do!

Vladin and Razer were on their new motorcycle, racing through the dry dunes of the desert region of Okoto, to their base in the City of Mask Makers. As they arrived at the large metal building, they were greeted by Rena, the Toa of water.
Rena: Did you bring something for me?
She asked Vladin, like if she was expecting a metric ton of masks.
Vladin took from his back a mask and gave it to Rena.
Vladin (grumbling): Cherish it.
Rena: A Hunter Mask, Awesome!
Vladin: Put it to your collection.
Suddenly, a mechanical, deep voice started to chuckle softly.
Vladin: Who is laughing? Razer?
Razer (emotionless): Don’t rub it in.
Vladin: Oh, yeah… I forgot…Sorry.
There was an awkward silence until the voice laughed again, louder this time. Vladin looked behind him, where two short mining robots stood. They were his creations, Solar and Nova.
Vladin: Oh, you two!
Both: Yes, us!
Vladin: Why are you two laughing?
Solar: You- hehe! You think no one has realised that you-hahaha!
Vladin: What?!
Nova: You soo like Rena!
Vladin: What, no I don’t! Razer, do you think I like Rena?
Razer: Why ask me?
Vladin (whispering): Back me up here!
Razer: Uhhh, no.
Vladin: See?
Razer: I am SURE that you like her.
Vladin: What?!?!? Shut up!
Solar: Come on, Vladin! You fought with Kaetroni gods! Why are you scared to tell her what you feel?
Suddenly, the melodic voice of Rena killed the echoes of Vladin protest.
Rena: What are you guys talking about?
She still had the Hunter Mask in her hand. The robots disappeared, quickly.
Vladin: Uhhhhh… Hey Rena… We were talking about… Ufff…
Razer: Nuts.
Vladin (looking at Razer quizzically): Nuts?
Razer: Yes.
Razer looked at Vladin and used his mask to tell him his train of thought.
Rena: And why did the robots ran?
Razer: (hastily): Because we talked about Iron Wolves.
Vladin: Yes! They hate the Iron Wolves!
He shouted a little too loudly to be convincing. Rena looked at Vladin.
Rena (sceptically): … Okay.? I’ll see you two later…
With that, she left for her laboratory.
Vladin: Thanks Razer!
Razer: S’ fine.

Vladin decided to go visit Rena’s laboratory. She was there, putting her new Hunter Mask with the other masks.
Vladin: So… How’s the collection going?
Rena (Running over to clean the spilled chemicals and smashed glass): Slowly.
Vladin looked at her collection: The Hunter Mask, Gali’s old masks, a small dagger and a shotgun.
Vladin: Well you could have more if there were more missions.
Rena: Vladin, please, don’t start this again!
Vladin: Start what?
Rena: After Razer save our word by Acricios there was peace! The Infinity Stones are gone! No more Kaetronis or Makutas or BioHunters! Only peace!
Vladin: Yes but peace is quite boring!
Rena: Mata Nui! How can you say this?
Vladin: Rena, we are Toa, we need missions! Your last mission was three mounts ago when you saved a Ce-Matoran! My last mission was last week when I found a bad Muaka! I know you want a mission as much as I want.
Rena: Wrong!
Right in that moment, Razer appeared.
Razer: Guys, Mirciulix and Tulon are here! We have problems!
Rena: What? BioHunters? Makutas! Kaetronis??? TELL ME RAZER!!!
In that moment Vladin understood that Rena wanted a mission even more than him.
Razer: Come and see.
Vladin, Razer and Rena went to the living room of their base. There, the robots were next to the scared Tulon and the angry Mirciulix.
Mirciulix: Finally!
Vladin: What happened?
Tulon: Our village was attacked! It was horrible!
Rena: Attacked? By who?
Mirciulix: By two monsters! One of them was giant, had two heads and four arms, a half of him was made from obsidian and the other half was on fire! The other one was a medium size mutated Toa-like being, with a Kanohi Grievous and red eyes. I don’t know how, but he had gravitational powers!
Razer: The worst thing is that I searched very quickly in our data base, and I didn’t found this guys.
Tulon: No. The worst thing is that your protector, Vekoron, went to find this monsters.
Razer: WHAT?!?!?! Incredible!!!
Vladin: No problem! We will find this monsters. You can sleep here over we find them.

As Vladin got on his Flaeron he beckoned to Rena to jump on.
Rena: I can come?!
Vladin: Of course!
Razer: I need you to help me carry Vladin’s body as I fight off these two monsters!
They all laughed as they rode off through the Rocky terrain.
When they got to Ra-Koro they immediately saw the utter chaos the monsters had created. Every building was either burned or burning and almost every matoran was scampering around with buckets filled with water from a nearby stream. Vladin and Rena remained there to help them.

As Razer jumped off his motorbike a matoran wearing a blue pakaru sprinted over to him.
Razer (in an urgent tone): Where did they go?
Matoran: Umm, to the West, toward Fe-Koro!
Razer (running to his bike): Will you lot be okay here?
Matoran: I think so senpai.
Razer: Good, I’ll be back soon. Oh, and find little Nightbolt for me, make sure he’s safe.
With that he rode off to Fe-Koro.

Shortly after Vladin and Rena arrived at the Village.
Matoran: Toas Vladin and Rena, your friend has gone to look for the monsters in Fe-Koro!
Vladin: We will follow him!
And off they sped.

As the terrain slowly turned from smooth stone to burning sand Razer sped up, hoping to catch the criminals before they reached Fe-Koro.
Suddenly, he saw what looked like the hazy outlines of two figures, one with a thin torso and oversized swords hanging by its sides and the other with four arms and two heads.
Razer put the bike into full gear and charged toward the criminals.

Skarax: Do you hear that Raptor?
Raptor: Sh-ughcough shush!

The lanky mutant Toa stopped and looked straight ahead.
Then, without a warning he swung around and hurled one of his blades at the approaching bike in a single movement. The blade hit the wheel of the bike and caused it violently throw Razer over the front handlebars and he want tumbling toward the two, barely managing to flip to his feet seven metres away from the pair of villains.
Razer flicked out his tonfas and touched his mask, giving him 30 minutes of pure emotion.
Razer: Raptor! I thought so!
Raptor: What was the first clue, the kanohi grievous?
Razer: No, the blade actually.
Raptor: I’ve still got another!
Razer: Come at me!

The two started to fight with blinding speed, oversized sword clashing against tonfa blow after tonfa blow.
Razer: You can’t block forever you failure!
He connected a kick with Raptors left shin and using the strong surface to leap back to avoid a dangerous swipe from the talon blade.
Raptor: Oh really?
He jumping forwards and thrusting his blade into the ground where Razer was a second before.

Ignax, who had been thoroughly enjoying themselves so far, noticed Vladin and Rena approaching on the Flaeron.

Igus: What do you think, let Raptor demonstrate his skill?
Skarax: Go on then. He’s always telling how good he is at crowd control.
So Ignax waited.
As the two arrived, they jumped off the Flaeron and drew their weapons.
Rena: Vladin, mark the one with two heads, I’ll help Razer!
Ignax held up all for arms.
Ignax (both heads): I’m not here for a fight, Toa.
Vladin: I don’t trust you!
Ignax: Look, we don’t like Raptor, and he’s always bragging about his ”crowd control” skills, and this is the perfect opportunity!
Vladin: Fine, as long as you don’t come over here.
Vladin made a move toward Raptor.
Ignax: We weren’t planning on it!

All the while Raptor and Razer had been ferociously fighting, slowly, Razer had noticed, moving toward where his broken bike was.
Where Raptors other sword was.
This was the distraction of talking caused him to allow himself to be struck in the leg by Raptor.
Raptor: Not so fast now are you?
Razer: Watashi wa ima koko de anata o koroshimasu!! (I’ll kill you right here and now)
With that deafening scream, Razer spun in a violent pirouette and charged at Raptor, now creating sparks of electricity and bolts of lightning with every movement.

Rena ran over to the huge sword and heaved it up.
Suddenly, three things happened all at once.
Raptor was thrown twenty feet away by an energized strike from Razers tonfa.
Razer sprinted over to the mutant body but Rena went over and pulled him back, getting severely electrocuted by the contact.
And Ignax ran over to Vladin, knocked him out with his huge bulwark and dragged him away quickly.
Rena: Vladin, no!
She tryied to run after him but she was pulled back by Razer.
Rena: Why?
Razer: We need to go.
It seemed the effects of the Falkeia had worn off and Razer was utterly exhausted. Damaged by Razer’s attack Rena felled unconsciouness.

I and @Kikoa hope you like it.

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This might be a habit… Stop bringing things from the real world into it unless it is set in earth.

Anyway this is amazing.



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@Toa_Vladin this is what I want to change. Maybe just to :Razer fell to the floor, unable to support himself…

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Isnt Razer the one who attacked her?

No, Razer attacked Raptor, and Rena was hit accidentally too.