Bio-BeastFormers -Golden Panther - Takanuva

Hey everyone.
So here us my 3rd Bio-BeastFormer.
My first atempt was to create bioformer with cybertronian car mode but car mode was total crap so i decided to make another beast former :slight_smile:
Transformation is really really simple and you can see that in panther mode his body is little bit longer but it think its ok but i will probably upgrade his beast mode cause im not satisfied with some things :slight_smile:
So what do you think for now ? :slight_smile:


As i said on your youtube video, i LOVE this thing. It has to be my favorite MOC of yours! Keep up the good work, man :smile:


Words can’t describe how beast this is. Pun unintended.


Well, it’s a cheetor transformation, but it’s a good cheetor transformation.

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The robot itself looks fairly cohesive in design, and I’m impressed that such a beefy figure can still transform without being burdened aesthetically.


@Payinku yeah bro i know haha but it works pretty well :slight_smile: but i will try different transformation :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is dope af.

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Shame about the painted mask but this thing rocks otherwise!

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How is it that every single moc you make is absolutely huge? This is really freakin cool btw, and that black avohkii is pretty slick.

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Thank you people :slight_smile:
@SirIggs thank you bro.Well i had this mask only in silver and it doesnt fit very well.Thats why i painted it.It looks much better now than with silver one :slight_smile:

@Jayfa haha its because im in love building big mocs but this one isnt that big as my other mocs :slight_smile:
He is arround 35 cm. Soo one of my regular or medium size mocs i guess :slight_smile: And thank you glad you like it :slight_smile:

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Only gripes are the neck being a bit stumpy and the build of the tail looking strange, otherwise its pretty stellar.

Haven’t seen a good Bio-Former design for awhile and this doesn’t disappoint.
I do find the chest to stick out abit much and the hands looks somewhat weak; but it’s still a fearsome build you made.

that is SICK dude!!!

@Square yes hands are probably my less favourite thing on him they are just too tiny against this big legs soo i need upgrade them little bit :slight_smile: but thank you so much :slight_smile: you can also chveck my other two bio-beastformers here on my profile or on my youtube.

@runner5050 thanks mate :slight_smile: glad you like it :slight_smile:

I mean.
It’s oversized like no other.

Buuut aside from the “okay” paintjob on the mask and the chestpiece which I honestly really, really dislike for how awkward it is…this one’s pretty alright. The transformation would be way better if he was smaller, though, simply due to the size of the head. The armor layering works WAY better than any of your previous MOCs so there’s certainly progress happening here.

The head really does mess with me though - it really stands out. In both forms.

I absolutely love it. Lion and Takanuva.

My only gripe with this moc, is the lack of pistons and friction adders… I tend to love those on mocs. However I find this to be just as good. Especially the way the beast mode looks.

This is impressive, especially when you look at how bulk it is.
Well done.
Only note is that both heads are too small in proportion.

That panther head is a bit awkward.

@tahtorak thank you glad you like it :slight_smile:
@Jandm600 thanks bro :slight_smile:
@king328 thank you :slight_smile: head for robot mode is ok but yeah panther head is little bit smaller compared to his big body but thats the price for the new custome body haha :smiley:
@Leoxandar why ? Because of the size ? :slight_smile: