Bio-Cup 2020 Discussion

The annual contest is back, and it’s big!
Official Flickr Group page for the largest community-organized Constraction contest
	1- The Contest - This is a LEGO Technic/Bionicle/CCBS/Constraction tournament. LEGO System parts (that

What are your thoughts on the contest? Will you enter it? Discuss below.
P.S. Link to the contest here.


I’m not entering (not enough time/skill/pieces), but I’m going to be watching the contest.


Well, it’s worth watching it. The best MOCs from 2019 came from Bio-Cup IMO.


I’m considering entering, since I’ll have the time this summer. As long as I have the inspiration as well.


This will be my first time entering. I’ll try to give the best I can.

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I actually don’t really know anything about bio cup. From what I hear it’s a big moc competition. Is it Bionicle themed? Or does it just use construction pieces for the mocs?

From what I recall, it’s more of the latter. The first round has a very general theme, then for everyone that passes you face off against single opponents in specific themed rounds.

Hmmm, always wanted to try submit something. how do you enter?

And…what exactly is this contest?

I’ve always heard about it, but I don’t know what to make of it.

I never fully knew what the contest was like, what media it was based on, or who the winners in the past were. I don’t even know the rules or if there’s an annual theme to the entries.

And as a Bionicle fan, while I’ve tinkered with the parts many times, I’ve made very few MOCs and often feel discouraged from sharing even among the fandom.

If I can find out where to see Bio-Cup, I can watch. I don’t feel confident in my abilities and time to build for it this year however.

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The biggest Bionicle competition. Here’s a link to their Flickr group where you can read more about it.

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Ben Cossy covers Bio-Cup on his Youtube channel, you can watch it there if you want.

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So I see there’s a lot of questions about Bio-Cup. I’m one of the hosts/judges so if you have any please ask me or check out our group page on flickr


i don’t want to enter again i don’t wanna get hurt again :sob:
i’ll probably lose again too

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How did entering Bio-Cup hurt you?

How do you enter the competition? I’ve always wanted to do it but I’ve never been able to figure out where you post your entries.

You only have to post the entries in the Bio-Cup Flickr group.


my soul hurt because i lost


The Preliminary theme just got announced![quote=“Bloodarchmage, post:19, topic:51708, full:true”]
my soul hurt because i lost
[/quote]I don’t think you should enter Bio-Cup with the premise of winning, more like for improving your skills.

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