BIO-CUP 2022

Well, it’s that time of year again, Biocup, the biggest Bionicle based building contest is back and YOU can enter!

Simply join the Flickr group ‘Bio-Cup 2022’ and wait for the preliminary round to start. Unsure how it works? Check out the previous years galleries and the rules section to see how it rolls.

The Carrot On The Stick: Every year there is exciting prizes such as custom masks, G1/G2/HF concept art material and rare sets…plus clout :smirk:

…but the real main reason to join is the fun of building from unique prompts! Challenging yourself and meeting other builders! (Something-something about the friends we made along the way)

Bio-Cup 2022 | Flickr


hhmmm might give it a try dis year though it is my first BIOCUP as a part of the community - might check it out.

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That’s a shame but yes I hope it makes for good viewing! Maybe another year!

Might want to hurry then! It’s starting soon(ish)

to my knowledge its starting in a few hours
our theme is NATURE I think

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nice drawing m8

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Very cool artwork, and best of luck in the raffle!

You’re allowed to have a ttv account but not a Flickr account?

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Let’s just say that I don’t have a reason for a Flickr account yet.

If joining biocup isn’t a good enough reason for getting a Flickr account, what was the reason to get a ttv account?

Never mind…

Perfect really need something to take my mind off life things for a while. Already got some ideas for the theme Nature. I am thinking something that shows the curl reality of nature and how everything is always competing or struggling to survive. Like how two trees that grow close to each other. Eventually one will die while the other will grow stronger from it. Or something like that