Bio-Fair 2015 ----- Is it possible?

I have been wondering if there is a type of Bionicle fair, similar to Brick-fair or World War Brick. If so, please state so below. However, if there is not, how many of us would actually go to one of these events? (please state if you wouldn’t go so there is a definite fraction of people who would go to others who would not.) Of course WHERE it is held is a large factor in something like this, so assume it will be held in places like New York, Chicago, etc. Money is also a problem, so how many of you would donate/fund this event and how much would you donate? Manpower is necessary for hosting one of these shindigs, (if there is enough money, we could hire people) so who would donate time (or be payed) to help set up/clean afterwards? What stores do you all think would be at this event? (ebay stores, bricklink stores, etc.) Lastly, what would be a good price for entry fees?

Keep in mind this is all just my personal curiosity. I would like to see if the Bionicle community (at least the TTV’s contribution to this fair) would be able to start something such as a fair. Thank you all for your time.

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A BIONICLE-specific convention - even in someplace as population-dense as, say, California - is pretty much a statistical impossibility at this point. LEGO is a niche hobby. BIONICLE is like a niche within a niche. The community is spread so vastly and so thinly that it would be extremely difficult to recruit the amount of exhibitors necessary to pay for the venue, vendors, etc.

TL; DR: Mainstream LEGO Cons (Brickfair, Brickmagic, Brickfête) are more then good enough for BIONICLE fans to meet and hang out IMO.


Hypothetically, if there was one, I would try my darndest to attend. Especially if it was in Atlanta or somewhere relatively close to my state :stuck_out_tongue: