Bio-mechanical hand

I’m sure this has been done many times before, but I was bored…

The wrist can be moved forward and back…

The fingers can also move…

It can also hold things… Like my phone

This is the strangest thing I’ve done since putting a life sized mask on my face…

Tell me what you think…


I want for my desk, to make a very particular gesture…


Frankly,creations made during boredom seem to be some of the best in this community. As for the moc itself, I could only suggest maybe adding a bit of gray and light gray to spice up the color scheme,maybe even bits of blue as an accent color. Just a suggestion.

looks great
could it be used as a real hand one day?

I’ll get the saw…


here lemme give you a hand with that



My thoughts:


Sure this has been done plenty of times before, but this instance I really like. Something about the level of detail- the wires and such- draws me towards this.

Yeah i really want one it looks pretty cool

I love the addition of the veins.

Well I’ve gotta hand it to ya, this is a really cool moc. Seems like it could really come in had. There’s just something I really like about it, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. It looks like it can really hold its own. It really grabs my attention. The pose-ability does’t seem wristricted at all. A little armor would be nice. But I’m sure I don’t need to point all this out. I give it two thumbs up.

This is amazing.

And this part is the best: