Biocraft Game Weekend Highlights

Did you have a great time? I had a great time. So tell me what you enjoyed about our first (and last) real taste with Biocraft. Also, get hyped for the map release.

Again, huge thanks to @Eljay for being there practically the entire time and also for the nifty badge.


I had a great time. Finding all the different canisters and stuff really helped me check out the whole island.

Can’t wait for the release!

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I loved every second of the time I spent exploring the place, even though I couldn’t find all the Easter eggs I still loved how much attention to detail there was 10/10, definitely would recommend just for the sheer size of the map.

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My time in the Aussie hole was 10/10.

Easily the best expereince I had on that server…


The massive melee before the map closed. That was awesome. As well as DJ Mesonak.

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I found it fun asking Eljay questions and him answering in half a second.
Also the melee at Po-Koro, and the Tahu canister.

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I missed that part.

I didn’t get to play. :pensive:
Here’s hoping for another one someday.

Definitely the great escapade of the boat down Mt. (Oh crap I forgot the name)

Ihu, it I remember correctly.

Unless you’re talking about Mt. Valmai.

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Yes! It was so fun! I didn’t even care to look for the Honor of the Chronicler, it was so nice exploring the amazingly constructed island of Biocraft Mata Nui, and having a chance to interact with the community, and some of the cast themselves! I love these gamenights, and I hope they start to occur more often.

I want the map so bad, when I saw that’d eventually be released to the public I wanted to get it so badly, even when I was still that naive pre-teen back in the days of 2012.

I journeyed through each Koro and Wahi then went to the Kini Nui.

For those who likely don’t realize who I was in game, my user was Zach_Attach11773. Stupid, I know. The user was made literal years ago.

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You can change your username these days

@Chronicler attacked me with an axe


I did a lot of dumb things on the map. :stuck_out_tongue:

I spent 10 minutes in a hole complaining. Ko-Koro was not nice to me.

Did no one record it!? I want to know what it’s like…

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Best part was the sing along which I started. Who else agrees? (And still can’t hear right after it?)

My favorite part was when me @EvilLobsterKing and (i forgot umaraks new name) git stuck in a hole and i managed to escape with there help then i left them for dead

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I would have played but my computer broke so I couldn’t

Us Mods recorded it.

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Who was it that poured a bucket of lava on everyone who was fighting for Ven’s diamonds on Tahu’s canister?