BioCraft Takua MOC

Curious to see what it would look like if Lego were to make a Biocraft wave of figures in a similar style to the Minecraft big figs, I whipped together Takua. He has more points of articulation to that of the Minecraft Skeleton big fig while being in scale with those figures as well. Furthermore the figure has light piping that can be easily lit from standard room lighting due to how much transparent parts are woven into the head.


It looks really good… but when I get to the head… It looks really strange. You should try fix the head.

I like that you kept the look of the human Big Figs while merging that with the articulation of the Skelleton Big Fig. My only criticism, like @Toa_Radrix said, the head is a little awkward. I see what you were going for and it very nearly works, it’s just slightly off - some shaping around the head to give it more of that Pakari silhouette would help. I really like how you captured the vents on the side though.

Thank you, but as for the head you may be right. However I think the shaping works since it does have the segments that curve at the sides and top of the head with slight curvature in the front of the face. What the issue is, is that due to the blocky design it may look foreign since we’re so used to the curvy nature of the original. If I shape it more I may risk it diverging away from a blocky design.

The mask could have been done a tad better but other than that, great job

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Thanks :slight_smile: