BioCraft: The Island of Mata Nui and Skins

Five years in the making, the island is complete.





Additionally, here are the skins we currently have out:

80 Toa Skins
78 Matoran Skins
6 Turaga Skins
6 Toa Metru Skins
1 Makuta Skin

For those curious, the villages are a combination of MNOG 1 and MNOG 2, with some creative liberties taken to enhance them a bit. They aren’t 1:1 replicas, but we don’t think that people will mind too much once they see what has been done with them.

A map overview of the island itself:

Tahu, and the village of Ta-Koro:

Gali, and the village of Ga-Koro:

Lewa, and the village of Le-Koro:

Kopaka, and the village of Ko-Koro:

Onua, and the village of Onu-Koro:

Pohatu, and the village of Po-Koro:

More coming soon…

And yes, we do have skins and we do have a small but W.I.P texture pack. We will finish it, and release it along with over 100+ skins of Matoran, Turaga, and Toa.

But this officially marks the end and completion of the BioCraft Project. If we want to make a series or film, then we’ll announce it as something new. But for now, consider it over. There will be plenty of content on the way for you guys to play with and enjoy.

Special thanks to Var, Meso, and Ven for the work on this island. It would have been impossible without them. I’m proud to have finished it, and I am looking forward to you all getting to enjoy it very soon.



Biocraft is finished?

Your move, Kahi.


But how many sneaky Prpl signs are there?|


Hopefully, none.

However, there are well over 20 Easter Eggs you guys will need to find for a Custom Title Challenge. First one to find all the Easter Eggs on a list I’ve got will get a Custom Title. More details later.


Can you tell me what they all are?
Because I’m a lazy person…


I wonder how this version will compare to the version made by Mexbotdude (which right now is probably the best version)

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All in due time.


Well, it was worth a shot…

I’ll download it, put it on my realms server, and recruit my friends to find all the easter eggs

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Dunno how large his island is, but ours is more accurate shape-wise. And I’m not sure about his Koros. It looks like he went a different route than we did. And as far as the texture pack is concerned, it’s not 64x64. It’s standard size, and more inline with the Minecraft style.


On what version of minecraft was the map built?

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Various versions, but it was finished on 1.9. I believe the Game Night will be hosted on 1.9.


I think his is based more on mnog 2

Can you host servers for past versions of the game?

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Yes, we can.

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@Mrblackpants Yep, mexbotdude’s map is definetly more based on MNOG2, from what I remember of the ta-koro released years ago from this map, it would be a mnog, mnog2 and movies mix


I’m a skrub who can’t computer so I just pay for a realm lol

I think Mexbotdude’s map was also for an RP server iirc

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Ooh, looks good! Can’t wait to download it.

Wow shaders,

Whitchever one of you took those screenshots has a spiffy computer.

Nice job on the island too.


Welp, looks like I need to buy Minecraft now. That looks excellent!

Does anyone know if you can hang with people on PC with consoles? I need to experience this greatness.