BioCraft: The Island of Mata Nui and Skins

im using windows ten

what computer do you use? I use a toshiba.

@BlackBeltGamer98, @Calebmar12, how about double-checking the seeds of the different Mata Nui worlds you both have? If they're different, then I believe the problem should be fixed by re-downloading and replacing the world save folder. If they're both the same seed and yet show completely different terrain, then something really weird is going on. Why not give it a shot?

@Calebmar12 the seed I got is -972328989936473730. What's yours?

27594263 is the seed on my end

Can I have a screen shot of this please with the screenshot's file name?

im not sure why you would need the file name but here is a screen shot

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My Temper is nearing critical!!!!! insert a supernova here. I'm on my third attempt!!!! Mata Nui!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It finally worked after like 5+ Attempts it finally Works!!!!!! Thank Goodness!


The world I downloaded is definitely Mata Nui (Tho, I can't seem to find the Ta Koro Kohli Field yet).

There are a few oddities such as random levers near Po Koro that don't do anything, also I noticed deep in Makuta's lair there's a long underground railroad that leads to a dead end. But it's still brilliantly made.

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just a glimpse of the crazy things people will make on this amazing island

"hahahaha its not my fault were in the same giant body"


7zip does the same thing for free.

It doesn't even annoy you with trial messages.

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I never saw this on the map... hm.

Thanks Eljay :smiley:

it's a .rar file
and i found out you cannot macbook .rar files... time to open up my pc then..

the ethernet doesn't work.. and i don't IT

just download a program that unpacks .rar files and follow its directions. I had a similar problem myself.

I managed to do it perfectly with Unarchiver. All I gotta do from there is extract it onto the desktop. Had to figure out the whole "drag it into Minecraft saves folder" afterwards.

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A couple of programs you can use are WINrar and 7zip. I use 7zip and it works great


I can't find where I can download the Island of Mata Nui...need help

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... How? How?


The map download is hyperlinked at the very top of the page. Simply jump to the top of this topic to find it.