Biocraft's Weekend of Survival

For those of you on the island of Mata Nui again, share some of the crazy happenings here. From the destruction of Ta-Koro, to the burning of Le-Koro, the burning of Ga-Koro, the desolation of Po-Koro, the burning and subsequent rebuilding of the Kini Nui settlement, the destruction of Onu-Koro, and the success of Ko-Koro, all the way to the First Crusade and its failure.


well this song was semi sung
and the title of the song almost happened


I remember dying.

…dying a lot.

I found makuta’s lair under kini nui :slightly_smiling_face:

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I saw that it was covered in lava, don’t know how anyone did that so quickly if the server was in survival

We were resourceful.

The burning of Le-Koro fascinated me, too. Did you guys take all the lava from the volcano and use it to burn down Le-Koro? XD

This last game weekend was extraordinarily fun. I liked the Adventure mode server from before but this one was just top-notch. The initial Ghast bombing of Ta-Koro, the Ring of Fire/Ring of Doors, the Burning of Le-Koro, the Rise and Fall and Rise of the Kini Nui base, and the final battle against the Wither in Ta-Koro. So many great moments.



I’m still salty I missed the wither battle. And I’m still salty at @Toby_Echozap for making me lose my elytra.

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It was hectic, infuriating (I can’t count how many times I died to a skeleton or had my spawn reset due to a bed glitch), and fun. The battle against the Wither was truly a spectacle to behold.

i wonder if anyone found my secret meme hole under le-koro

Ahhhhhh good times… good times

I founded the kini nui and left when it needed a leader most. My exile didnt last to long though

I missed this. What happened?

Edit: [quote=“Mesonak, post:8, topic:31613”]
The burning of Le-Koro fascinated me, too. Did you guys take all the lava from the volcano and use it to burn down Le-Koro? XD

Me and @Indigogeek took the lava from the river at the volcano


i also burnt down ga koro on a dare from @Leoxandar and @LQ1998 which cost leo his life, any my horse his life, one of many, ko koro my community though stood strong and lived on, it was fun and i hope to do it again sometime.

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Ah, the HQ of the glorius First Order. Such a beauty…


Well, a party consisting of me, @Whaddon, @Toby_Echozap, Ekiluke, and I forget the other, went on a quest to purge the evil from the Mangaia. Ultimately we all died.

@Leoxandar died pretty quickly, i was the only one able to get my stuff back.

Hey, I lasted a pretty long time. The only reason I died was because I leaped off a cliff and missed the water. Those zombies couldn’t touch me :stuck_out_tongue:

yet who died to my sword 2 times, hey rember when i burnt down ga koro, good times.

The burning of le koro was a long journey, which took many hours, fortunately, it was all captured on film :wink:

It’s like 4 hours of footage though so I gotta go through it, will post a highlight vid hopefully after Christmas

Thx to my partner in crime @Calebmar12 aka Robbie rotten, who was online the entire time