Biocron- Karzahni building challenge

So in my Biocron series there are three Kanohl masks.
Two of them are:


I've made models with both.
HOWEVER, I've been unable to build Karzahni, who wears this:

I'd like to challenge MOCers to build a MOC using this mask (the piece is half of Slitface's face from HF's Breakout wave) and post (or link) pictures in reply to this post.

(BTW If this is in the wrong category feel free to move it for me.)
Please DON'T move this topic into Biocron - Part 1, this isn't another Wave.

Forgot to mention: I don't care if you use LDD or not. Colors not matching up doesn't matter.

I would totally do this.

If I could stand LDD.

Don't have actual parts?

Oh I have thousands of parts.

Just not the mask.

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If you could figure out how to make it without the mask and still make it able to put it on, you'd be a genius!

Here's my entry.


@Marendex_T17 Anybody have some words. I'm fresh out! I'm speechless!

Now I can get off the internet and move into a new residence on a happy note!

I love it! Wish I could eat it!


That is the most bizarre reaction to a MOC, ever laughing

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I must have been hungry at the time. lol

You reminded me of the "Dinner Squadron" joke from the X-Wing books.