Biocron - Part 2 (Updated: 1/24/2015)

So I'm working on a Bionicle "Reboot" called Biocron. Biocron is basically a reboot of Bionicle through the use of an alternative universe. Now due to the fact that this is the Lego CREATION category, I won't post much story stuff here. Instead, I'll post finished images of Characters that I've built in LDD. Get your Matoran notes ready!

As the topic's name suggests, this is Part 2. I don't have the desire to put THESE waves in Part 1, which can be found here: Biocron-Part1

This Wave is the Toa of Light. [Post 1/4]

And we can't forget the original:

I will try to post more every 2 days. Unless I get bored!


Small question: Why are Jaller and Hahli mixed in with the Toa of Light?

Well, they were the only "Important" Matoran in Mask of Light. That, and I liked the Mahri versions better (without being underwater of course).

Makes sense.
Continue doing what you are doing, good sir, because you do it well.


Photok's pretty neat

I'm not sure why Tanma's torso is empty

@Chro Same reason why I don't use Inika Torso armor on any of my Biocron models. I'm stuck with what's available, leaving a few of my models with empty torsos.

try using more CCBS. it may not be your first choice, but it'll look a lot better, and you'll have a lot more options.

That would work in reality, but this is LDD. TRUST ME, CCBS and Hinged Parts are a PAIN to try anything fancy with in the program. I even tried making actual HF sets in LDD and pretty much gave up.

I love what you did with the Unity, Duty, Destiny logo in the background!
Also, small question, the Exo-Toa doesn't look like it can fit a Toa inside... But I guess that isn't the point?

Spoilers: Each Toa of Light in Biocron, is meant to be the peacekeeper within each tribe. With the Rock Tribe though, the Skrall are more stubborn, and will challenge who they think they can beat in a fight. Exo-Toa is HOLLOW, block it's way and YOU WILL BE MOVED.


This wave is...
Well, I'm not exactly sure what to describe this wave as. So...
This Wave is: TEAM BAD GUY! Yeah, that works! [Post 2/4]

And here's the Boss!

If I'm lucky, I'll post the last two waves on the 23rd.
P.S. If commenting of a particular wave, please reference said wave, so that I know what you're talking about. Thanks.


Commenting on "Team Bad Guy".

* looks at third picture *
Le gasp! KRIKA!
* throws name in devoted-follower-'til-the-end-of-days bin *
* laments on how one cannot like a post more than once *


Well, Krika was my favorite Makuta design in 08.

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I want to like that Takanuva. I really do.

But the mask

the mask is just no thank you

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Spoiler: It's a helmet. Only 3 masks exist in Biocron, and Takanuva isn't wearing one.


This wave is the Prototype Beings. [Post 3/4]



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Commenting on: Prototype Beings.

Miserix: Looks nice, though I always imagined him as more draconian.
Vezon: I feel that standard silver should have been used, but it's good nonetheless.
Nidhiki: * eyes widen * Oh, he's back too? Sweet. (Nice MOC BTW.)
Rahkshi: Not too sure how I feel about the head, other than that it's great.
Mata Nui: I would complain that what he's wearing looks nothing like the Ignika, but I feel that that's plot point.
Spinax: Ooh, nice. Could use a tail though.
Artakha: Oh my! You spelt his name wrong! Bad! Bad! Bad! Hate! Hate! Hate! /s
(Genuine thoughts) Intriguing.

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Mask of Life doesn't exist in Biocron.

Oops! I'll get to fixing that!


Freaking Spinax? Really? Fine. I see how it is. Abruptly walks off with a "hmph."


walks back

Seriously though, I've been impressed with these builds so far. While I think some of them are just dead copies of the originals and may need something... more added, overall it's looking pretty good.


Funny thing about the previous wave, the villains: They look like the current prototypes for the skull- related villains from this wave


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