Bioformer trollMOC

Today I got an idea to use Basher’s axes to make them aircraft wings. I thought that they fit the wings of Avenjet from “age of ultron” and I decided that it would be funny make it a Bioformer.

Robot mode


Vehicle mode


Interesting…but the cross bows seem very random and the skeleton arms are even weirder.


Crossbows have added more silver color on the shoulders, leg bones are needed to transform and arm bones are to mach leg bones. but you are right


He looks Gr8 M8. The idea of transformation is a pretty sweet Tr8.

Arms and legs seem a bit wonky, though I like the look of his vehicle mode.

Other than a case of visible-head-syndrome, he’s pretty great.

This looks really good! You really captured the look of the Quinjet quite well! :smile:

Also, I love how you used the Fire Chi as a gunshot.

No, the Avenjet is from Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. In AoU it’s the Quinjet.

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I mean, have you seen the transformers in the movies?

this moc looks pretty cool man