Bioformers Breakneck

I was designing a small matoran / protector build and after messing around with the legs and a protector torso I found it worked as a transformer.

Brontosaurus form

With the only other transforming Dinos I have out now.


This doesn't look like a neckbrace.

probably cause it doesn't have a neck brace

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Yeah the name was last minute. Nothing special or deep.
Edit; I changed his name to breakneck. Same as the cw toy but we all know that wasn't its real name.

He looks relly good for a bioformer that sise

Nice build, however, I think that you should add a rahkshi head on the head of the alternative mode.

Yknow Wildrider is called Breakneck and there's a guy named Brakeneck

Anyway he's a fine Dino former