Bioformers Overlord

I am not a Bionicle builder, I mainly build with system. To many, this may look like a mess. That being said, I gave BioMOCing a go and here’s how it turned out. I think it turned out well, but I have no idea what you think. Criticism, although it probably won’t be taken in until oblivion considering I mostly build system, is still appreciated.

To see how the transformation works, watch the video. If the video isn’t up yet, its because its still uploading.
This guy is really tall. He’s so tall I had to get the camera to go sideways to film him. Don’t ask me how the tripod worked…
The nose cone slings over the side, similar to the G1 partsforming system. I wanted it to be attached, though, so I made it a bit of kibble rather than a shoulder-mounted thing.
Cool thing about the legs: the tank treads fold up around and over the sides. It’s a neat touch that it shown more in the video.
DAT FACE! Yes, you might say that I’m ripping off Jangbricks, BUT GORUZ SAYS OTHERWISE! Heh. I wonder if Jang even remembers that MOC. That aside, I liked the idea and was thinking the same thing around the time he was using it. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to implement it into a MOC.
Overlord towers over a standard Gen 2 Toa and any Voyager Class Transformer (that’s a Diecast KO, by the way). Also, I put the Protector of Jungle in there just because I got him a few days ago at $5 off and he’s so sweet.
Just like G1, the robot mode splits into a tank and a jet.
I’ll start off with the jet because its the weaker of the two, but its still cool.
There’s all sorts of Thrusters and fuselage along the top of it, creating a decent amount of detail.
The nose cone’s pretty standard, and a bit rushed, but it gets the job done.
For a size comparison, this guy’s about Leader Class. I don’t have a Leader Class TF at the moment though, because they’re broken. So, back in comes the knockoff Optimus Prime.
The tank is the vehicle I’m really proud of.
It’s sort of like War For Cybertron Megatron. Did I say DOTM Megatron in the video? If I did, sorry. I was being an idiot.
I also made sure to cover up the back section. Too many Bioformers have exposed backs where you can see all the limbs.
While it’s not really a turret, the gun at the front can rotate. It also moves up and down.
This tank, although heavier, is a bit smaller than the jet. It’s because it’s a lot more compact, whereas the jet spreads out to create wings.
And that concludes this MOC! Hope you enjoyed. Make sure to like on MOCpages as well and as said before, criticism is accepted even though I probably won’t have a chance to rectify my obvious mistakes. Until the next time, happy building! :smile:


For a first time delving into bioforming, this is pretty good. The only complaints I would have is the lower arms are a little too skinny, but that is pretty hard to meddle with, and the blades sticking out of his chest. I love the vehicle modes. Also, do you think there might be a way to make a connection point for the side pieces of his legs? That might help with both posing and just adding a little cleaner look.

Sure, if I ever upgrade him, which will probably be in several years time. ;w;

Great Moc
1st time I have seen an Actual Overlord Biofomer!

This is awesome!

I’m the true Overlord.

So git gud scru…

You are in title, they are in name.

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I guess I will allow them to remain existin…