Bioicle Week 2015 Contest Entry - Lobtart

My Entry.

This is what some people would call a self Moc, however this isn't a self Moc.

Introducing: Lobtart (That might change).

Also, if you put his tail like this:

The Legs like this:

Then make the tail like this:

Then the arms go like this:

And the neck like this:

So, after you do all that, Lobtart has transformed, into something that vaguely resembles a centaur from Fallout.

So this is a Lobster based, transforming Moc type thing. His abilities include powers of creation, being a lobster, and possessing and Iron Man suit...


You are teh best MOCer evah!

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Is this not an evil lobster king?
I'm calling a tiny bit of BS on this not being a self MOC



The Lobster of Creation is upon us.

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Genius man it is the best moc ever, don't even question it man. It is the best why even say that? I mean like what is happening right know I am seeing spots man, I think something is happening to me. Back on topic, this is the best thing ever. I really like it. Back to my health I am tired and don't think I should be on the board. I am like so offended that you would say that it's like better than your mocs plural I mean it is like wow just wow. I like waffles man. Hey I just noticed Conan man he is like a barbarian, I am very tired... I am gonna sleep now hjraeasfd.... astonished


@Middlefingerstudios, what did they do to you?!


I fell into a vat of energized protodermis, I'm trying to fix myself currently

it's not going well


I actually want to unlike this, but sadly I can't sob...

quick question, are the legs being held on by a hand?

Yes. This is because I couldn't find anything else to use...