BioKnight's Bionicle Artwork Topic

Hello ladies and gentleman, my name is BioKnight and I am here to present to you some Bionicle artwork that I have created in Blender and Photoshop

First, I will show off what I created in Photoshop at the end of the semester in my Web Design class

The Bionicle Logo with the Toa’s colors (Onua is background):

Tahu Logo:

Kopaka Logo:

Gali Logo:

Lewa Logo:

Pohatu Logo:

Onua Logo:
(Unfortunately, I did not save Onua’s logo to my Google Drive)

Next, is the Bionicle Alphabet which i created in Blender







Y and Z:

All of the letters together:

I hope you enjoy what I have for now. I don’t know if I will do anything else, but I would love to know what you think of what is here .


The alphabet is ok but those logo things, I can barely see the masks, to the point it actually hurts. Otherwise I think they are fine.


Yeah, I am probably going to fix them when I next get a chance to mess around in Photoshop

Basically what Blu said.

The alphabet is pretty cool.

With the logos, though, those are more like optical illusions. Seriously. Go onto mobile and lightly shake the phone around. It actually bounces around.
As logos, though, they don’t really work. They’re just their masks.

Your avatar, the colored UDD symbol, is pretty cool.

Nice job. :smiley:

Woah nice stuff

Maby one day i will sit down to learn blender