Biolight Sentinel Knight

So story wise Ramheart was repairing Me from a battle and accidentally used a part from Samux’s old spares and it transformed me in order to use that part and that’s how I got the Canon arm and my blade is a legendary Blade that is long forget and only the one with a strong heart can use it and it can change it’s shape and size


There’s such a thing as too many pictures. This is too many pictures. So long as people can see what he looks like from most angles and get a few action shots, that’s all you need.

That said, noy a bad MOC. Torso could perhaps be a bit shorter and the thighs longer to correct proportion issues - that would also give you space to fill in the inner thigh as well. Arms are a bit too far away from the body, so again could use some filling in on the sides of the torso give him a more imposing, strong look.


Shoulders are a bit too high

This is neat but I agree with @Shadowrockboy190, the shoulders are a little too high.

While I like the idea, I feel the shoulders are WAY too far from the body, and make him look weird. Other than that,I’m not a fan of how the mask is a different shade of gold.

Also Gringat is right, this may be too many pictures, I get showing different angles, but maybe tone it down next time.

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@Gringat Thank you for your input

@Shadowrockboy190 I see your point thanks

@Doot.r Thank you for your feedback

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The pearl gold seems out of it’s place, but other than that it looks OK.