Biological Chronicle: The Complete Bionicle Collection

Well, been a while since I’ve updated here, hasn’t it?

I’ve just posted an update to the PDFs of Biological Chronicle with 180+ fixes! You can find the full details in the new changelog, which I will be keeping up-to-date from here on out with any new issues that are found/fixed.

Thanks, everyone!


I’ve seen this for a while here, and as a long time fan its really cool to see it all in one place.

Though, are there typed transcriptions of the books individually, uncompiled? I know BioMediaProject has the scans, but a cleaner document would be nice.

Oh, thanks for this, really thank you! I didn’t know about this but after a listenig from Nak&Jay podcast I hear about it and here I am. What a good work and I didn’t expect all those links to videos in the middle of the reading. That makes the experience even better.