Biological Chronicle: The Complete Bionicle Collection

Hey, I hope this is in the right place; I'm new around here. I originally posted this on another site, but decided to repost it here to try and get it out to more people:

So, I realized a while back that the Bionicle story is... a little hard to know how to read. You've got the chapter books, the comics, the serials, the podcasts, etc., and no easy way of knowing what order it should all be read in. Well, I've decided to try and fix that.

This is Biological Chronicle: the Complete Bionicle Collection. I've made PDFs containing practically every text- and audio-based piece of canon Bionicle fiction, plus any comics with story material not included elsewhere, in an ideal reading order. Everything is here, from the MNOG walkthrough to the Young Reader books, as well as QR codes (that are also clickable links!) which take you to video-only content. I re-did the existing podcast transcriptions, refined the existing translation of The Crossing, got the best comic scans I could, and just generally tried to make sure that everything is as high-quality as possible. This compilation is divided into 10 "Books," or volumes, each containing roughly one year's story.

Now, I understand that some people might have different preferences for what's included, so I've created a few different versions of each volume to try and have options for every reader (the specifics are detailed for each one below). For example, every volume has a "Text-Only" option: no comics, no picture books, etc. I've also created a single, complete PDF, with EVERY volume in it (as well as another version of it that's text-only).

I've spent many months working on this, but understand that there may still be some minor formatting issues or typos here and there. If you find any, please let me know! I want these collections to be as perfect as possible.

Also, serious thanks to Toatapio Nuva, who typed up all the chapter books, and gave me great advice during the process of putting this together. Without his help, I can't imagine how much longer this would have taken me.

So, anyways... I hope you guys enjoy! All feedback is welcome.


Complete Collection (Last update: 1/26/2020)

Book 1: Infection (Last update: 1/26/2020)

Book 2: Swarm (Last update: 1/26/2020)

Book 3: Masks (Last update: 1/26/2020)

  • Standard/Recommended
  • Text-Only
  • "Complete:" Includes the MNOG II walkthrough from BS01 (Not included in above versions for readability) and a fan-made write-up of the 2003 Flash game "The Legend Continues"
  • Text-Only, Complete: No comics. Includes the MNOG II walkthrough from BS01

Book 4: Legends (Last Update: 1/26/2020)

Book 5: Venom (Last update: 1/26/2020)

Book 6: Doomed (Last update: 1/26/2020)

Book 7: Sacrifice (Last update: 1/26/2020)

Book 8: Rising (Last update: 1/26/2020)

Book 9: Destiny (Last update: 1/26/2020)

Book 10: Epilogue (Last update: 1/26/2020)

And for those curious, here are my notes from the creation process. These aren't necessarily representative of the final order of things, but rather just what I jotted down during the process of putting everything together. I'll try to put together a more finalized list of what's included and where.


This, this really impressive

You deserve a thank you good sir (And a 1,000 dollar check for all of your work).


This must've taken you alot of hard work. Thank you for this.

Now that's what I call dedication.

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Sir, thank Mata Nui for you. I've had it in my head to do this project for idk how long, and have never made time, but you did it. You're amazing. I say again, thank Mata Nui for you good sir. I'll be favoriting the link to this topic for future reference.

Thanks, everybody! It looks like plenty of people have been downloading some of the volumes, and I hope people are enjoying them.

Since I realized some people would probably want to see them, I've added a link to my notes at the end of the first post. They show the rough final reading order (though there may be some late changes that I didn't write down). I'll try to put together a more finalized list of what all is included and where, but this should give you a pretty good idea.

EDIT: I've now updated most of the Books with a ton of typo and formatting fixes, so I highly recommend that you take the opportunity to re-download them!


This is so awesome! :smiley: I had thought of making something like this several years ago, and I applaud you for actually doing it. :slight_smile: Thank you so much for making these. :wink:

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Hey everybody! There have been a ton of new updates to this compilation since I last posted here, but it's hard to post every update both here and on BZP. If you want to be sure you're up-to-date with all changes I make, I'd recommend checking out the original topic over on that site. The links here will always direct to the most recent versions of everything, but you won't always know if you should download a new copy unless you check there.


Have you ever thought of releasing all the flashback stuff together? Like the Bionicle NP stop motion, Bionicle Origins? You could start with Decadence, and end just before the Metru saga (unless you wanted to include that, too).

Hey, sorry everybody, it’s been ages since I’ve even looked at this thread, let alone actually updated it. I’ve been regularly posting updates on BZP, but keeping up with them in both places was a bit of a task. With the amount of feedback and fixes slowing down as of late, though, I hope to be updating my original post here at the same time that I do on BZPower. If you want to be absolutely sure that you’re aware of the latest changes, though, you can check BZP or follow me on Twitter.

If you look at the original post here, I’ve updated it to show the last date each Book was updated, so you can be sure you have the newest versions for now.


@darkbrick999 Hey, sorry for taking ages to respond! I might consider it, but just keeping track of all the versions of everything as they’re currently arranged is more than enough for me to be doing right now. Once everything’s in a more final state, and I’ve finished making all the updates I want to, then I’ll take a look at possibly doing that. Thanks for the suggestion!

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@KAI_BORG You might like this

New update! I’ve made a ton of fixes to Book 9, and some minor typo fixes in Books 2 and 8.

EDIT 8/27/2018: Another update: some small typo fixes have been made in Book 1.

EDIT 9/4/2018: Made some small fixes in Book 2.

EDIT 11/8/2018: There is now a “Complete” version of Book 9 that contains the story from the My Lego Network Bionicle campaign.

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Is there any chance you’ll release digital versions of every book individually? since in the compiled version some pages have been removed due to redundancy, and also since the page numbers don’t remain the same as in the original books, which makes this fairly useless for making citations.

The goal of this project was mainly to make a more readable version of the story as a whole, rather than to just make the original books available digitally. But you should definitely check out what molnarnoah’s working on over on BZP.

EDIT 2/19/2019: Made some small fixes in Book 1. Details here.

Thanks to whoever made this. Now not only am I more in tune with the lore, now I have more inspiration to write my fanfics.

You’re welcome!

I’ve just posted some new updates to Book 3! Details:

  • There is now a written version of the 2003 flash game “The Legend Continues” (made to promote the Mask of Light movie) included in the Complete version of Book 3
  • "I emerged in Onu-Koro and made my way here. - added missing quote mark at end of sentence
  • “the Manas saw the molten lava closing in on upon them” - removed extra “on”
  • “Another steep cliff side still lay between him and the top of the volcano!” - removed space in “cliffside”
  • “‘J-Jaller?’ he called, racing forward. ‘JALLER! Oof -’” - dash following “oof” was getting pushed to new line, which looked weird. I moved the “oof” to the next line with it, which looks cleaner
  • Fixed a typo in one of the last comic pages (in issue 15, the "epilogue): Vakama says “And so, here was” instead of “And so, there was” - this is now fixed

EDIT: I know it’s only been a couple hours since I made this post, but I just made one more small fix: there were a few usages of “koro” in Book 3 that were capitalized when they shouldn’t have been, which are now fixed (for reference: Koro is capitalized if it’s part of a village’s name, like Ga-Koro, but is lower-case if used generally, just referring to villages)


So, this is something I’ve been planning for a long time now. It’s taken this long because A) it’s just been a decent bit of work, and B) I wanted to hold off on it until more proofreading had been done on the compilation as-is.

Anyway, without further ado: the multimedia update! Biological Chronicle Books 1, 2, 5, and 8 now include QR codes - which are also clickable (or tappable on mobile) links - in places where there is a piece of video media that covers the same story as a given passage of text. These links will send you to the video for that scene on Youtube - and these videos have had all typos edited out, and are trimmed down so they fit to canon (the same as the compilation text). This way, readers can read the text version, or watch the video version of scenes that have one. Huge thanks to Peri for sending me the necessary files to run/record the '01 and '02 Flash animations at their original framerate!

These QR codes have brackets next to them that indicate the text that they correspond to. If there is not a bracket next to a QR code, then its video corresponds to everything up through the end of the chapter (which usually just means the whole page it’s on).

Since I’m not sure if everyone will like these, I have made separate versions of Books 1, 2, 5, 8, and the complete collection which don’t include these links (on a related note, I’ve also changed the version lists in the first post to bulleted lists, in an effort to make them more readable).

Some other small updates that I’ve just posted:

  • Fixed a few ellipses in Book 1 and Book 10 that had an extra space in front of them
  • Removed the single-pixel-wide borders (some remnant of the digital conversion process I used) on the left and right of the comic page at the beginning of chapter 13 in Book 1
  • I fixed the alignment of this comic page as well - its top edge was slightly below the top of the page
  • Added missing “End Chapter” to the end of the last of the '05 comics in one version of Book 5 (apologies, I don’t remember which version was missing it - but they should all have it now)

That’s it for now! I hope people like having this new option to view the original video format of some parts of the story.

EDIT 4/26/2019: Update time again! I’ve just made a large number of fixes to Book 4, as well as some minor fixes in Books 1, 3, 7, 8, and 9.

Before I get to the details: I’m currently looking for any and all title suggestions for the volumes of Biological Chronicle. I’ve heard from some readers that they would prefer different Book titles, so I’m going to spend some time taking submissions and then hold some polls to choose the final names. Please, if you have any ideas/suggestions for new titles - or if there are any titles you really want to stay unchanged - let me know!

Now, the update details:

Book 1:

  • “Suddenly, another stone lands hard upon the ground nearby.” - Some versions had an unnecessary paragraph break above this line
  • “Want to give us a hand? A farmer’s work is never done. It’s up to us to farm all the heat in Ta-Koro.” - Some versions had an unnecessary paragraph break above this line

Book 3:

  • “[…] new Kolhii Champion, eh?” says Marka as she sees her “Well, stranger things have happened. […]” - Added a period after “sees her” (this line is only in the Complete version)
  • “It is bad enough the Bohrok-Kal menaced the island […]” - this scene takes place when the Bohrok-Kal are still an active threat, so I’ve changed “menaced” to “menace”
  • “For years, the Toa have believed me defeated” (from first page of Rise of the Rahkshi comic, which is chapter 20 or 28 depending on the version) - Years cannot canonically have passed, so I’ve edited the comic text to “The Toa believed me defeated”

Book 4:

  • The spheres were created in every metru - This line refers to Kanoka, which are not spheres. Changed from “The spheres” to “They”
  • we had to save the ‘heart of the city’. - Period moved to before apostrophe
  • Me? Why would he want to outdo me? Vakama thought - Un-italicized Vakama’s name
  • When Muaka lifted his right forepaw to strike - Muaka is not a name, so I added “the” before “Muaka”
  • “I hope so,” Whenua powered down his drills. - Changed comma after “so” to period
  • But I’ll get them! - Added missing quotation mark to beginning of line
  • […]two creatures crowded close to him. “N – n – no.” - replaced long, spaced dashes with hyphens
  • To his trained eye, it was abvious - Fixed spelling of obvious
  • Badly fix-patched chute, cut-severed end… why am I suprised? - Fixed spelling of “surprised”
  • dragging Vhisola and Orkahm behind her." - Removed unnecessary quotation mark at end of sentence
  • So rather than run from them -" - The dash at the end was getting pushed to the next line, so I manually moved “them” to the next line so it looks better
  • […]bad things tend to happen whenever he’s out my sight - Added “of” between “out” and “my”
  • Blank page between chapters (chapters 26/27 in the standard version)
  • Whenua turned back to his friends, saying. “Hopefully - Replaced period after “saying” with comma
  • something else – something awful and I was bound like this. - Added missing “–” after “awful”
  • Ko-Matoran have never liked crowds. - The use of “have” instead of “had,” along with the context of the line, makes it appear that this was meant to be italicized as a continuation of Nokama’s thought, so I’ve done so
  • in one direction and brought the powers bursts near to each other - Removed s from the end of “powers”
  • what would result if we combined out powers? - Changed “out” to “our”
  • Matoran surfed on disks, over the undulating floor trying to launch their Kanoka - Moved comma from after “disks” to after “floor”
  • One instance of Lhikan misspelled as “Lhikon”
  • They decided we Toa were a threat to the Metru Nui’s security (from second comic page of chapter 39) - Removed “the” before “Metru Nui”
  • recovering from his first “solo flight.” - Matau has flown before this scene, so I’ve removed the word “first”
  • Ask him if the Dark Hunters trespassed with a ‘tall Matoran.’“ - Fixed end quote mark so that it’s facing the right way now
  • For Toa used to the crowds and tall buildings of their metrus, - Removed s from the end of metru (which is the plural and the singular)
  • Krekka and Nidhiki were flanking the vehicle in their flight mode. - Added an “s” to the end of “mode,” since the text as-is suggests they share a flight mode
  • now hung almost motionless in mid air. - Removed space in “midair”
  • Too bad there are no carving-signs saying, ‘This Way to Safe Spot’,” - Moved comma inside apostrophe
  • The telescopic lense built into his Mask of Power - Fixed spelling of “lens”
  • entire schools of fish were launching themselves out of the water at the Lhikan. - Italicized “Lhikan” (since it refers to the boat)
  • One squid like Rahi reached out with its tentacle - Added hyphen to “squid-like”
  • Fixed a number of periods and commas placed outside of quotation marks instead of inside
  • Replaced a number of hyphens at end of quotes with “–” (basically did a find and replace for -" to –" and -?" to –?")

Books 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, and 9:

  • Changed all instances of “mid-air” to “midair” for consistency (they were used interchangeably)

This is amazing!

This will be an excellent read during class.

Hey everybody, I know it’s been a while since the last update - I’m working on some typo fixes for Book 6 right now, I promise - but I wanted to let everyone know that Biological Chronicle is now entirely readable on the web, no downloads required, at ! (don’t worry, I’ll keep updating the PDF version as well)