Biomania comic collection 1

After reading two amazing bionicle comics from two amazing deviantart mocers I decided to make my own, I’ll put as many as I can, as I make them, on this post before making a second one. I know the first aren’t the best but I am still getting used to it and I’m going to make the next ones better.

Biomania ep.1 Meeting a new friend

Well this is new.
Inspired by Toalittleboehn’s and Rahiden’s awesome comic series!
Sorry about just having floating words and no speech nice things, I couldn’t figure out how to make the pencil function on gimp change size of line.

for any who can’t read it (sry) here is a script of what they’re saying!

Panel 1
Tekan: So creator what are we going to be doing today?
Creator: I don’t really know, I was just planning on playing some games.
Kelratz: Help…

Panel 2
Tekan: Did you hear that?
Creator: Yeah. I think it came from the scrap bin… Weird seeing as no living being should be in there.

Panel 3:
Kelratz: Is anyone out there?.. Help. please?
Tekan: yep there’s someone in there!
Creator: Well don’t just stand there, help me get him out!

panel 4
Kelratz: Ah hello. I was afraid I’d never get out of there.
Creator: How the?.. How did you get in there? Who even are you?!? Definetly didn’t make you.

Panel 5
Tekan: what did you do to your leg? Get in a fight with a Muaka by yourself?
Kelratz: To answer your previous questions my name is Kelratz. For the rest… I really don’t know.
Creator: O…k. Well too bad about that. Here let me fix up your leg.

Panel 6
Creator: Sorry about not being able to remake your other leg and having to improvise.
Kelratz: Don’t worry about it. I actually prefer it. This robotic leg is awesome!

(Also no this comic is not centred around Kelratz, he’s just the one that helped me get enough inspiration to start this up so he’ll get the first few comics centred around him before I flip us on another one.)

Biomania ep.2 introducing Kelratz to the others

It went better than expected, even if most of them were to busy at the moment to join in, oh well.

for any who can’t read it (sry) here is a script of what they’re saying!

Panel 1
Kelratz: So what now?
Creator: (snapping of fingers) I know! I’ll introduce you to some of the others!

panel 2
Tekal: so I hear you’re a bit of a climber too? You’ll be fun to have around.
Kelratz: Woah! I haven’t seen someone climb like that before except me! I like you!

panel 3
T.D.O (The dead one): Hello young one, glad to see a new face around here.
kelratz: Holy! Creator wasn’t lying when he said you’d surprise me!

Panel 4:
kelratz: Woah! What happened to you? Also nice place you got up here, what ya doing?
Mel-Rahk: This was punishment for betraying my master, Makuta, who I am luckily free from now. Thanks for the compliment on my living area, I’m meditating right now.

Biomania ep.3 Sacrifice to the gods (not)

Now I have to rebuild him! Come on! Why is it always me?

for any who can’t read it (sry) here is a script of what they’re saying!

Panel 1
Kelratz: Yo creator what is this thing and what’s with the glow coming off of it?
Creator: It’s not glowing that’s just the sunlight. It was supposed to be a custom torso but I failed at it. Kinda looks like an altar now. The mask is Mata-Nui’s, a bionicle god.
Kelratz: Ooh, so this is a gods altar aye?

panel 2
Kelratz: Oh great Mata-Nui please accept my offering of this min figure and grant me luck!

panel 3
Creator: what are you doi- did you just sacrifice one of my mini figures to a mask?!
Kelratz: Uh-oh… Ummm… No?.. I should probably run now right?
Creator: yes.

Biomania ep.4 Climbing

Had to endure six hours in a small car to go to a party for someone I don’t know and now I have to deal with this?! Come on!

for any who can’t read it (sry) here is a script of what they’re saying!

Panel 1
Kelratz: Oh, hey creator. This is a fun place to explore. To bad you’re not enjoying the party to much.
Creator: Would you get down from there? How did you even manage this anyways?

panel 2
Kelratz: We leaving already? Aww. Can you pick me up then? I’d rather not climb down.
Creator: I guess I could say you’re pretty “bushed” eh?

panel 3
Kelratz: Oh well too bad the party’s over and we had to go home. At least I can still climb here!
Creator: Would you stop climbing already Kelratz?! You’re driving me nuts!

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