Bioman's unspectacular MOC topic

What’s this thread for, you may ask?
I made it to share all my sorta-unspectacular MOCs that I make. This classifies as a build that is interesting enough to be shared with you, but not outstanding enough to warrant its own topic. These inlcude tablescraps, WIPs, small models and just generally the things that aren’t special but deserve to be shared. It’s not strictly Bionicle, I’ll also include other stuff. My better MOCs will continue getting their own topics as usual.

Starting the thread we’ve got this one I disassembled very recently, it’s a loose recreation of the Engine-Oh from Go-Onger (respectively the High Octane Megazord from Power Rangers RPM, whichever you prefer).

As I said it’s a loose recreation or “inspired”, I didn’t go for all the details. It transforms from the 3 individual vehicles.

The chassis for yellow attaches to the back or can be held as a shield (not pictured) like the original.

Pretty fun and robust model, but I needed the parts for something else.

And that’s a good example of what you might see in this thread!


This seems like it will be an interesting topic…

The transformer is cool, and while I’m no connoisseur I think using those Knights Kingdom hands is a good touch that fits in pretty well.