Biomechanical Ent

Let me know what you think!


I think when one knows what it is supposed to be/represent than it is great. However without the title I would have thought it would be a science experiment that went horribly wrong. xD

Either way though, I like it. I espeacially like how you made use of the mata-torso-pieces.


a tree with pliers for hands, Ima just say that’s a little bit hironic

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I say you achieved your vision. It matches the source to a degree, but the robotic bits are a nice inclusion. That clawed hand in particular looks pretty cool.

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why do i find it adorable…

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Now which was the last MOC I saw using Mata torsos not as Mata torsos…?

…must have been the Tahtorak.

I have so many of these things but usually they’re totally useless… :expressionless:
Congratulations for using them in an original way!

Otherwise I’m no big fan of the head and the torso could probably need some more brown, but I guess it works overall.

the new nightmare on elm street took a weird direction…


I like it. One thing though; does anyone else want a community moc project with the rule you must use a mata torso but not as a torso?


I like it. The mata torsos for feet is pretty cool, and I like the overall look.

i definitely didn’t read the title as “Biomechanical Ant”

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What about using any torsos in a way not originally meant for it. I.E. mata, metru, inika, and ccbs torsos.

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Pretty cool, but not a fan of the head.

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This is a really unique concept, and I like how it turns out. Nice work.

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The flowers on the torso and arms are a nice touch.