Bionicle 01 Tahu reimagining

Originally this started out as simple Mocs based on the seven sins (which might still happen.) but I found so many tahu parts I decided to hold off on them and build Tahu.

I kinda based him off of the idea he never really became a toa and instead a lone hunter on mata nui. I know it’s sounding like bad fanfiction there but I mostly don’t have the parts to built the other toa to match.

Back view without his cape


A fun little creation. It looks very compact and simple, but it works very well. The cape is a nice choice, and the red crane is weird, but it’s still clever usage (I had to look twice to know what it is). Yeah, nice job :slight_smile:

Its what tahu star should have been

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A bit messy, but I like him.

Tahu must’ve been knighted.


That is really nice looking. I love the beefed up look he has. Also, is that fire-sword painted?

Those shoulders have me questioning everything I thought I knew.

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My thoughts exactly. This is the almost perfect reimagining of Tahu. While it is a bit cluttered, I like it nonetheless.

No. It might have come from a system set or something. I forgot where the yellow tip color came from.

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I’m not a fan of how far the torso sticks out because of the krana, but other than that, this is really neat.

The shoulder pads look pretty bad, the rest looks good.

Overall, nice job.

pretty different from normal tahu but at the same time very similar

impressive, I like the krana in the middle

Why did you make him a turaga too soon? Please tell me.


Very cool. At first when I was looking at it, I was disappointed that the shoulder pauldrons would prevent the arms from moving. But now I see that since the pauldrons are articulated, the arms can move just fine. Very nice. And of course the color scheme is true to the original. I think I would prefer him without the cape, or maybe a different color cape. But that’s a minor pitnick.

I like the shoulders a lot. I’m iffy about the Krana chestplate, maybe if you used a different mold…? I dunno. Anyway, I like this guy. He’s messy, but a pretty solid MoC regardless.

Very nice interpretation of Tahu!
He looks more mature than he should be, though!:smile:

Because of the bulky structure, the first thing I thought of upon seeing this MOC was “it’s fall of Cybertron (or I guess Ta Koro) Tahu!”

Looks pretty tight