BIONICLE: 10 Years Ago - A retrospective and tribute to the Biological Chronicle

BIONICLE: 10 Years Ago is a nostalgia trip through the Bionicle saga from 2001 all the way through to 2010, utilizing commercials, character promos, short movies, films and music appropriate to each year of Bionicle; condensed down to a just under 20-minute retrospective.

This project has been by far my biggest editing undertaking, starting the process in January of 2019. I aimed to make something that the Bionicle community could enjoy, but also accessible to those who simply recall the theme as a few vague nostalgic memories.

Thank you for watching/reading, and thank you to the Lego Group and Christian Faber for bringing us Bionicle; more than just a toy, a Biological Chronicle.


I enjoyed watching this, it’s a nice summation of the whole story.

It kind of reminds me of Vrahno’s AMVs if you’ve seen any of those.

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Thankyou! I’m actually only familiar with Vrahno’s more recent animation work, but I’m sure I’ve seen his AMV’s at some point - I used to watch quite a few back in the day, and I watched a few tributes / AMV’s in preparation for this project.

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This is my second favourite Retrospective after the official one from 08! Thank You!

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Thankyou, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

I do love the official 08 one; the narrator has such a powerful voice.

I loved the ending credits as well. With clips from TV shows and commercials (TV adverts for us Brits) it gives me the vibe of somewhat a documentary. Yet an emotional perspective. Thank you so much and well done!

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Thankyou, that was directly inspired by documentaries; I wanted to show just a hint of Bionicle’s impact outside of it’s own story and some behind the scenes footage to hopefully inspire others to go seek out other similar material. Plus those early 2000s images of store shelves packed with Bionicle sets will never not induce intense nostalgia; I couldn’t not include them!


Oh my god!!! This is so beautiful. I love every aspect of this project. It’s a wonderful summary of the Bionicle story that perfectly encapsulates all the different years.

And holy crap that part after the Metru/Hordika section where it cuts back to Vakama looking in the canister, showing that everything you just saw was him remembering his old life! Oh my god! It’s so good!!!

This is just, it’s perfect. My eyes honestly watered up a bit watching this. Absolutely spectacular work.

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Thankyou so much! I made this first and foremost for the Bionicle community to enjoy, so I’m really glad you’re all enjoying it :smile:

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