BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui Soundtrack Release

Nathan Furst just released the second Bionicle movie soundtrack!

Here it is on Google Play.


Are the soundtracks available in mp3 format only? I would like to see lossless versions available but, nevertheless, they are definitely worth the purchase.

Yet again, they spoil another death in the soundtrack...


I would be shocked if anyone listening to a soundtrack from a 13 year old niche movie hadn't actually seen it- what's more, if they hadn't, are they really going to care? Maybe I'm off base, but the six-month-spoiler embargo has lifted :stuck_out_tongue:


It's on iTunes, I just checked and it's about 13 USD.

Where have you been for the past thirteen years? There aren't really any more spoilers in BIONICLE at this point.

Anyway I was wondering when they would be releasing this and I'm really excited that it's come earlier than I thought it would.

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I knew about it, I’m just saying it’s funny. I watched that movie for like the fifth time this weekend

okay so by all rights this was shaping up to be a really horrible day but I listened to this soundtrack for 5+ hours on repeat and I'm still not sick of it it's too good send help


well my dad listens to the mol soundtrack


Not all of us have cool parents

I'm pretty hype but I dont got a wallet yet.

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Took long enough

Do we have Web of Shadows or Legend Reborn soundtrack?
Fun fact about ToaNoah: Legend Reborn is the only Bionicle movie he hasn't seen

We're getting the Web of Shadows OST next week, according to Nathan Furst's instagram.


The soundtracks from both Mask of light and Legends of Metru Nui are also available on Spotify.

I just recognised that you @Maku already had a link to Spotify in your post, I feel so clumsy right now :sweat_smile:

Ok, thanks for your nice answer :slight_smile:

Don't be, because the link was added after I saw your post.

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You know they had to do it to em

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