BIONICLE -20 Years of Legends-

A very happy 20 years to something that means so much to me, and i’m sure it means a lot to everyone else here.

There was no way i was gonna pass up doing this. Bionicle was a very important part of my life growing up. It helped give me the passion to create i have today, and i don’t think i’d be the same person now if i never got into Bionicle as a kid.
If it were released today, i’d probably think it was lame, and get tired of seeing ads for it everywhere like i do with every other kid’s toy.
LEGO -and more importantly, Bionicle- is, by far and wide, the reason i love to create, and i can’t thank it enough.

Here’s an alt with Tahu’s sword ablaze!


very nice

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Way to bring a smile to my morning. That is some truly epic art. Love how faithful it stays to the original while also not being afraid to do it’s own thing. A fitting tribute.

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Now this puts a smile on my face.
Wonderful art dude! A very nice interpretation of the sets whilst still being recognisable.

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A couple minor things. I think the legs look good, but they remind me more of Nuva legs than Mata legs. Other thing, I personally don’t like actual mouths on Bionicle masks. In this art especially, it only looks like Tahu has a mouth instead of the Iconic gaping look. The rest of this all looks great though.

I am Thai.

I surf the Curry.

My Dual Bamboo Skewers will marinate the enemy in golden-brown Satay.

I am here to battle hunger.

It is my Destiny to eat my Golden Broth of Power, and become…

The Master of Chicken Cuisine!


ooh, nice osl with the flame sword there, small detail, but one that really helps!

I love this arrange! :grinning: :heart_eyes: :ok_hand: :+1:

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Wow this is amazing, love that lewa has grey finger tips