bionicle 2006 and 2007 movies fan casting

the 2006-2008 years of bionicle is what a lot of people consider to be defining years for the bionicle story, however for some reason lego never made movies for those years of bionicle which i find disappointing, but lately i have been thinking to myself what if lego DID make bionicle movies for the ignition trilogy who would they cast so i give you my hypothetical cast for if lego ever made bionicle 4 island of doom and bionicle 5 city of the lost

travis willingham as toa jaller,kalmah
laura bailey as toa hahli
todd haberkorn as toa kongu
patrick seitz as toa hewkki, vezon, vezok and mantas
matthew mercer as toa nuparu reidak and hydraxon
johnny yong bosch as toa matoro
steve blum as zahktan, axonn
dee bradley baker as avak,ehlek and fenrakk
nolan north as thok
beau billingslea as brutaka
fred tatasciore as pridak carapar
lee tockar returns as makuta/maxilos

as a kid i always saw takadox as a she/her looking back i wish that was what was canon hence a joke i cast wendee lee as takadox however in all serious i think the role should go to troy baker

i dont know who i should cast for haktann and nocturn…you guys have any ideas?

before anyone asks why i got new actors for jaller and hahli i have three reasons for that

  1. while the voice acting for the first three bionicle movies were done in canada i though the fourth and fifth one (if they ever happend) could maybe have an american voice cast with a handful of the canadian actors reprising their prespective roles

  2. i wanted for toa jaller and toa hahli to have more grown up and mature sounding voices as oppose to their matoran voices not that andrew francis and chiara zanni cant do more grown up voices but then comes my next point

3.who i have voicing jaller and hahli in this hypothetical trilogy…those who know know


for some reason i always thought that emma stone would be good as a toa hahli…


Tom Holland as Takanuva… might not be a good choice upon further reflection.

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so ur just half casting your team with critical role? lol