Bionicle 2009 Fan Club

Though flawed, 2009 gets way too much hate. This is a place for fans of Bara Magna and the Glatorians!


it had bye bye babylon


Bye Bye Babylon was probably my favorite Cryoshell song. :loud_sound: :smile:

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I’ve been waiting for this thread for ages!!
Man,i loved 2009.
I loved the new story and the new tribal look of Bionicle,and when i saw TLR as a child,i got blown away!!!
My favouirte character and set was Gresh.
Altough the only set that i got was Fero & Skirmix.
Oh,and the Glatorian Arena games were so much fun!

Best thing about 2009: cool elemental colored sets. Instead of silver, grey, or black with secondary element colors.


I am the same! :smile: I really liked the new story. I actually preferred the story before Mata Nui got there because it gave us new characters that we’d never heard of, rather than the Toa Nuva again. I also liked Legend Reborn.

Ah yes, good ol’ 2009 :smile:

I remember it well. I got all of the winter wave sets (Glatorian, Agori, Fero and Skirmix, Tuma), and got a few of the Glatorian Legends.

My 2009 Collection:

I was also pretty hyped for the Legend Reborn. I remember watching all of the clips that Lego would release on before the movie’s release, (which altogether combined to be about a third of the actual movie!). I even got it on dvd! (I still have it too…). When I watched it, all of my excitement/hype shattered and was replaced with bitter disappointment…

(Also, Glatorian arena was a pretty good game… yep.)
(Also also, the Skrall shield is the coolest thing evar!!!)

Despite my opinion on The Legend Reborn, I thought 2009 was a pretty great year for the sets (minus agori, eah…). I really liked the whole ‘game mechanic’ health meter thing that they tried. I also liked that the story was set in a new location, and focused on Mata Nui’s journey through Bara Magna :smile:


2009 was great! However, i only got 4 09’ sets.

2009 had Gresh! That’s why it was so good. :stuck_out_tongue:


2009 was probably my favorite year.


2009 was great. There :stuck_out_tongue:


2009 was the year that really got me interested in Bionicle as a whole, even though I’ve had sets since 2005.

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The only sets I didn’t get from 2009 were Tarduk, Gelu, and Fero & Skirmix.

I still don’t own them to this day, and that annoys me. Especially since I have doubles or even triples of some of the other sets.

While I didn’t like 2009, I really liked the Glatorian. They were pretty much Toa, except they were more organic, powerless, and more adept at physical combat. I liked that idea. They were also the only main protagonists that weren’t Toa. One of the biggest missed opportunities in BIONICLE was that it rarely used any species other than the Matoran and Toa. 2009 also had more species than just the Glatorian, but I never found any of the others all that interesting.


I used to hate 2009.

But now, after coming back to Bionicle, researching the lore more in-depth, reading the comics that made the Skrall actually competent, and getting a feel for the characters when they aren’t defined by WOOHOO and MIGHTY TUNA, I think it’s pretty darn cool. :slight_smile:



Looking back at TLR,it wasn’t a very good movie.True,the animation was amazing,but i didn’t like the Childish tone and the portrayal of Tuma and Skrall.
They got a lot of hate because of it,but if you read the comics or the story serials,they were actually great characters.
But still,i loved the movie as a child.


You and me both.


So in Colorado, there are 2 lego stores but in 2009 there was only one at the Colorado Mills Mall and on January 5 2009, I went to the lego store and was the first person to buy any of the new sets. I was the first one to buy Strakk and Gresh so that made the year for me.

The day before I got Vamprah from the Lego store

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Woop! Gelu!

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