Bionicle 2010 Moc's Part 2 Titans

Hi I have some moc's I made 2010 that I will be posting in this and two other post first the matorans, then of Titans who repleased the Toa after they got killed by the villans leader. And finally the villans if you want to know more about them you can find information and backstory for them on my youtube channel, I will not put up links to my youtube channel or talk any more then this about it as I'm noting more then a villager in status on this site.
With that said here are the Titans of Fire, Water, mix Ice and Air.
Small backstory. After a creature known as Makuta Reaper G1 (there is now a G2 version of Reaper) showed up and killed the Toa. Four new mask's with heroic spirits in them was created by the spirit of Mata-Nui and was sent out to find body's that would help give the Toa spirits of old avatars that would channel there power and wishdom. (backstory for Makuta Reaper G1 will be in the villans post.)
First lets start with the Mix elemental Titan of Ice and Air.
Somthing whent wrong and the Toa spirits of Air and Ice both went for the same target to use as there Avatar and so they fused into one being the Titan Kazu. (aka my old selfmoc)

Now for the Fire Titan Traxion.

Finally the Titan of Water Ami.

Well there you have it every one the Titans next up are the villans and you will get to see how makuta reaper looks like as well as a little backstory for each villan.


These are all very messy. While the color schemes are rather consistent (except for Kazu), their builds end up looking extremely cluttered.

There's potential here, but you've got to nail consistency first when it comes to MOCing.

Yeah I have by the time these photos where uploaded taken apart both Kazu and Traxion, but these where my first mocs I ever made and it was back in 2010 I do belive I have goten better at it, (exempel my Rathalos CCBS moc)

Well the legs ended up like that as it was the only parts I hade left that could be used as legs or arms.

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I like them, except for their legs, which are far too small.

These are extremely messy, but you have probably learned more skill, because these are almost 6 years old, if not already.

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yeah they are almost 7 years old now.