Bionicle 2015-2016 VS Starwars 2015-2016 CCBS Price

So I where in town today and desided to buy a starwars CCBS set and as I went to the counter to buy the set I notice the price 35,12 Dollor, So I checked the parts count on the Obi won set and notice that it had less parts then the 20,95 dollor set Tahu Uniter of fire and bare in mind the combo set for Kopaka here in Sweden is 26,34 Dollor so yeah why do the Starwars set have a higher price when they have less parts? is it because they have a bigger name behind them, I dont think that should matter as the price for say Ninjago green ninja Dragon set that just came out is 30,12 Dollor and that one has more parts then any CCBS set that you can buy.

Just want to know what you guys think of this.

Also I checked dont seem like there is a topic like this one so if any one feel like this topic is in the wrong spot well not my fault.

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The Star Wars brand cost more mainly due to licensing fee. Obi Wan cost more due to the cape and kilt.

Are you talking about the 2016 version, if so, that store probably lowered one of those products price.

It's a system set, it maintain smaller parts compared to a standard CCBS piece.


You mean the little crotch plate?

SW is more expensive because of licensing.


I wish they were cheaper, but they are pretty solid

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