Bionicle 2015 Commercial Seen On TV!

Yep, you heard me right. Last night I was just watching YTV (A Canadian channel, watching because nothing else was on) and I was just about to turn the TV off, when suddenly, a TV Spot for Bionicle appeared. I don't know about you but it got me pretty hyped. Basically it was the one we've seen previously except at the end the narrator says "Go to, ask your parents first."


oh my god yes, he said it? That's awesome


He said it! He said that classic phrase!

I love the music being used for these commercials/videos. I really do.

Think promo is just like made of pure hype !
Ok but as a review I love the music to it and Iove how they give each Toa sometime on the Tv and I am happy the promo shows that each toa is unique.
I just can't wait and see a new generation of kids to see/ get the toys.

I dint here it maybe it is because i have bad speakers in my coumputer.

RIP English...


Man, that never gets old. :stuck_out_tongue:


Indeed, saw it twice again last night.

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We got rid of our cable subscription, so I'll have to wait until LEGO decides to put it on YouTube Ads frowning


LEGO ads on YouTube. I wish...

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They've done it before, and that was only for creator sets. I imagine they know it would be profitable to signal boost Bionicle's return with YouTube ads.

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Yes I saw it, my friends were in the room when it happened and all of us went "OOOH!"

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I've never seen them. I've seen plenty of Mega Bloks ads though...

Yes, so you're telling me that the Lego city ads on YouTube are creator?

No they probably have both but the way YouTube algorithms work, we don't all get the same ads. The one I saw was for some space mech, JangBricks reviewed it a while ago.

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I've seen some Chima ads before.

For Fire vs Ice.

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