Bionicle 2015 Confirmed By Lego

Bionicle 2015 Confirmed By Lego

Bionicle has been officially confirmed by Lego! An image presumebly intended for Lego’s Product Page was found on Lego’s own servers with a mask and the logo for Bionicle, proving without a shadow of a doubt that Bionicle is indeed back for the 2015.

BZPower member Adrian (who I believe is the staff member Gatanui on the site, due to a post on Eurobricks; I wasn’t able to find the name “Adrian” on the staff page) apparently got the picture through some very clever link guessing, and this picture offers perhaps the most finalized look at the Golden Mask we have.

While the above link does point towards Lego’s servers, on the off chance that they remove it we’ve mirrored the link here. As far as we know, there has been no official response by Lego on the matter, but they obviously would not have an image related to Bionicle on their servers if they weren’t planning on releasing it. This also lends credence to the claim that Bionicle will be seeing a January 2015 release, seeing as how early it is that the image is being put up there. If anyone has doubted our earlier claims, those doubts are definitely put to rest by this find.

This mask has sure changed a lot since it’s initial debut, sporting a much more tribal/tiki look to it. Does this point towards a return-to-roots reboot, or is this part of a continuation? Does the large change between prototype display and finalized image carry over to the set designs? Will Omega Tahu start sporting a new look? Discuss in our message boards below!

[Source]: “Image" via BZPower

Written by: Kahi, 9/8/2014

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Woot woot.


Note how it might not even be the same mask from the display and that's not something confirmed either. Either it is the same mask, or it's another mask with great story relevance- we don't know yet. =P


The mask looks like a mini figure could wear it, I don't know, I'm crazy. -Pyrox

I don't care what the mask is. This image being on Lego's server should remove any doubt there might have been in Bionice's return.

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That's a cool mask. If it is the same one as on the display (which I'm positive it is) the Lego has outdone themselves. However is say it looks more mezoamerican than Polynesian if anything.

I don't know, I'm just glad it says "Bionicle" across the top. smiley

GUYS, THE IMAGE WAS UPLOADED IN 2010. This may be just an old image they forgot to take down.

Where have you gotten this information from?

All credit for finding this goes to my friend Darwin BTW:

Notice how in the link it says "/portal%20v2010/f" ?
This means it was uploaded in 2010. Once again, I did not find it, he did.

I don't think that's what it means. stuck_out_tongue

Assuming, even for the sake of entertaining this notion, that the image was uploaded in 2010...

  • Why would it go undiscovered for 4 years?
  • Why is it no mask we've ever seen before?
  • Why would it be used on Lego's product page?

etc. etc.



I see. I'm taking it as proof either way though.

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I am really liking the... everything. Crap. I am getting so hyped!

even though im not really hyped at all, i hope we get non transparent heads with brainstalks back stuck_out_tongue



The date is not referring to the image, it's referring to the franchise portal, which is the system that LEGO has installed on their products page that makes all the pictures move and look all fancy.

Notice how the URL looks:

Let's break it down. is obviously LEGO's cache directory. If we're speaking in terms of a typical computer it's the folder where LEGO keeps all their images and assets.

/portal%20v2010/franchiseportal/ is the folder where the portal is installed. If you look at LEGO's product page you might notice that its not a page with a bunch of different images, its all one image. One asset. It's a single piece of javascript that is designed to perform an animation depending on where you hover your mouse.

/bionicle/ is simply the folder where BIONICLE's images are held, at least for the franchise portal.

How do I know that 2010 is referring to the franchise portal? For starters, it's the predecessing directory. BIONICLE isn't being stored in a folder called "2010"; the entire product page is being stored in a folder called "2010"

Secondly, the franchise portal was introduced in late 2010.

Here's what the product page looked like in September of 2010:

Notice how at the top the black bars stop after November? That's because the new products page was introduced then. And it's the same product page LEGO has used since.


That's actually pretty interesting. So it DOES refer to the date, just not in terms of that picture being uploaded in 2010...

Intriguing. #TheMoreYouKnow



Never thought I'd see the day... Darwin's theory proven wrong.


Either way you cut the cake...

the hype intensifies


I see Lego Universe... why! Why did you end it, Lego?! WHY!?

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YEAH!!!!! My life has its sense back. xD