BIONICLE 2015/Gurren Laggan anime Style intro/opening


That was pretty great.
I think your choice of clips were superb, you fine mate. wink

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This is one of the greatest things I've ever seen! I love it! If only the actual animations were this epic...

Thanks. I do have another one but i made it private on my YouTube because i like this one more.

@Helryx The right music and descent editing makes anything(practically) look great.

@Chronicler Thank you for the help. It's much appreciated.

There is now a preview of the second op. This is the beginning of what i'll do for the skull villain webisodes once they come out.

@Scarilian The second is just a preview for what i'm thinking. It's not done and can't be judged as such. But it probably won't be as good as the first. But most second opening aren't as good as the first opening.

@Eljay Thanks! I really tried to get the story across in the beginning visuals and then to really show off the the Toa toward the end. I also used NateWantsToBattle's fan dub because I know not all TTV users are interested in anime and may be turned off by the use of the Japanese Opening.

@frodobell True, but in all honesty I was going for a blend of western and Japanese openings. Japanese in the minute and a half run, western by using clips featured within the "show itself. Which is why i used a fan dub instead o the original Gurren Laggan op.


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that was beautiful sir!



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Like the first opening better, but both pretty good :3


You need to see this!

was amazeballsing
i love it


I love you.

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The visuals on the first one didn't seem to match up with the speed of the music toward the beginning, but once it picked up I really enjoyed it. Awesome, awesome, awesome!

(Also, props for using that fan dub. That guy does some stellar work, and that particular dub is no exception).



a crossover i'm willing to see


I like it, but I think to capture the essence of an anime intro, shorter, faster clips are necessary.

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My woooord that was awesome!
Chills! Chills, man!
Kudos for using Nate's version of the song.

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Nothing short of stellar. One of the reasons why I personally feel that an Anime style fits Bionicle well.