Bionicle 2015 online game!

Yes, I have made another game.


It doesn't work for me

Gali follows your mouse cursor. Were you trying your arrow keys?

Now it works. I've spammed space and won in like a half minute 8D

Cool! Glad I was able to help

I have beaten Makuta with BUBBLES! Now i want to watch Finding Nemo for some reason...

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I just had the nostalgia critic gag "f****** bubles" go through my head.

those moving reef-things tho XD

actually those were meant to be shadow bolts

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Gali quits to move and only shoots after a few seconds and those shots then have no effect. frowning

I've noticed this problem and am currently working on fixing it. The bubbles should work though. As for only a few at a time, it's probably just lag

The bubbles work unless gali stops moving.

Interesting. It is enjoyable.

Needs improvement, but this was cool!

Perhaps the walls could have blocked the bubbles?

It did originally. I guess I messed something up