Bionicle 2015: Prices and Updated Set Names Revealed!

Bionicle 2015: Prices and Updated Set Names Revealed!

There’s been an update in Bionicle 2015 news today, following leaks from David Thomsen via Eurobricks member CM4Sci. The leaks revealed some revised English names for the sets, alongside the pricing for the New Zealand area.

According to Thomsen, who has been the source of many recent LEGO set leaks (including LEGO Chima 2015, a new line called LEGO Elves, and Series 2 of the LEGO Simpsons line), the smaller sets that were formerly translated to be called “Defenders” are now the more accurately named “Protectors”.

Additionally, they were also given prices (in New Zealand dollars), as seen below:

19.99 NZD - Protector of Earth 19.99 NZD - Protector of Fire 19.99 NZD - Protector of Ice 19.99 NZD - Protector of Jungle 19.99 NZD - Protector of Stone 24.99 NZD - Gali Master of Water

When you run those prices through a converter, you get roughly $16.75 / £10.09 for the Protectors, and $20.94 / £12.61 for the Toa Mata. However, because of the inflation between the US, Great Britain and New Zealand, the prices are most likely to come out to be around $10 for the Protectors and $20 for the Toa Mata, which means that your wallet will be around $120 lighter for the lot of original Toa.

Granted, these prices are still up in the air, and hopefully an actual US press release will clear up the actual prices as being more affordable (we have our fingers crossed for something in the $15 dollar range).

Until then, though, that’s all of the information we have. Stay tuned for more Bionicle 2015 news as it happens.


[Source]: “2015 Rumors and Discussion" via Eurobricks

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Awesome! Thanks for the great news guys smiley

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Wow, you guys are really on top of this stuff!

Sadly I think I'll only end up getting Omega Tahu or Kopaka.