Bionicle 2015 Reboot Theory

Please note THIS IS NOT MINE. I found this post on tumblr and thought it was very interesting. What do you guys think?


a good theory.

its defiantly a possibility. I haven't seen very many theories that didn't make sense

(warning, if you dont know how bionicle ended, do not read post)
Oh god, if this is a continuation, and that thing with matoradax (made up word) is real, that means that MAKUTA IS FREAKIN INVINCIBLE!!!! HE GOT KILLED BY MATA NUI SLAMMING HIS HEAD INTO A PLANET HOW MUCH MORE DOES IT TAKE! well, whatever. dang teridax and the fact that he is nothing is kind of annoying. The only way to keep him away is to place lightstones o0ne inch apart all around the planet so that he may not be there. After all, if he is shadow and there is no shadow on the planet then he may not be a threat there. Just a random thought.

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If it is a continuation i would wanna see a new villain because makuta at this point is invulnerable and theres not point in tying to stop him

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Well, I feel that it should be an understood fact that BIONICLE will have a TV show upon its return. Hero Factory got specials, BIONICLE will AT LEAST get that.

I don't really think the shadowy mask with red eyes looks like a Hau, IMO, and nor do I think Makuta will be involved in a reboot OR a continuation. That proverbial ship has sailed.


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Why don't you think Makuta (teridax) will be involved in this if it's a reboot?

He got more than enough screentime in old BIONICLE; I would hope there would be enough creativity in a reboot to not recycle the same antagonist as before.




Oh so that's just wishful thinking. I thought maybe you knew that they wanted to shy away from him.

I think all bets are off. What they'll keep and what they'll change or omit is all up in the air. At this point all we know we're getting is the Toa Mata. Beyond that its one great big huge foggy area of mystery. But I agree Teridork got all the attention. I wouldn't mind if we didn't see him at all or he got less attention. Though from a set buyer and MOCer's perspective It'd be interesting seeing what he'd look like as a set with the newer elements.

honestly I want as much Teridax as possible. he's my favorite villain in anything.

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I'd be fine with Teridax returning. I always thought in the far future that there was somethiing still left in the body of the Makuta,and kills about everyone nearby. Then everyone came back in these dropships and attacked the Makuta in one of many final battles

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I'd like to point out that in a lot of series' whenever the villain changes in the second installment it changes the vibe of the series (Example: Ninjago) and it doesn't feel right. I think that keeping Makuta is the way to go but mixing in a more diverse cast of "enemies".

Although before I said that I want to see as much Teridax as possible, I think they could have him in the background and not call him by name for a few years and then introduce him with an epic new set alongside the Rakshi.

still, he died twice that i know of. why bring him back, first he was crushed by a giant door, then got his neck broken when mata nui smashed him into a planet (bota or aqua, i forget). if he came back, bionicle could not ever end, because if the enemy is invincible, then they will just have to keep beating him, untill the universe ends

He died once. The door didn't kill him because he was able to find a vessel for his Antidermis before it dissipated.

well, my point is at the time (2003) there was no such thing. Makuta was a being at the time, not a floating fart bubble. anywayss, teridax is old, i say in with the new since they are using hero factory parts

There was such a thing. they just hadn't told us yet. Remember, thy planned everything from 2001. They were like Teridax, only human and not made of Antidermis

Teridax shall be killed a million times. When he does it is going to be even more badass than the last time he died

He could have had some "Backup Antidermis" somewhere else in the robot.