Bionicle 2015 revamp: The EVERYTHING! (LDD)

Though I do quite like the set as it is, I wanted to see how cool I can get it to look, whilst also removing some of the doofy bits of her original design.

For a comparison here is the original set:

What I did with my revamp was I gave her a custom-built torso, as well as a custom-built hook launcher thingy (I felt the gatling gun scuba gear was a bit unnecessary and redundant) I also fixed the positioning of her turbines (Yay, they're no longer stuck to her arms!) andI gave her some upper arm armour and a bigger heel spur.

A posed pic (From LDD) of the model:

A front & back pic of her (Once again, from LDD):

And here's a 3D turnaround pic:

As well as a download for those who want to know how I did some of the bits on her:


I really like the gun!

that gun... my god

@Middlefingerstudios @MiraculousPrime Thanks! Idk if it'd function irl, but you guys can give it a shot, if you want. stuck_out_tongue

EDIT: Oh, I almost forgot to say this! It has a reel area in case you want to attach a string to the hook.

Wasn't the PoW confirmed to be male? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow, that looks awesome, though I feel that it looks too "modernized" and techy to fit in with the primitive aesthetic that the original protectors had.

I really like that torso

The genders were confirmed?
Or are you making some lame joke because gali has a male voice actor so all the water people are male.

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they sorta made a poll, and the genders of the Protectors were All male I believe. something along those lines. The poll was an official lego one but I still wanna believe dangit!

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On the LMBS?
I wouldn't trust it.


they probably wouldn't care about it or just auto-assume male

whatever the case we can only dream what the gender is

unless someone asks the story team

Awesome! love the gun and torso!


@Rockho Idk if it was confirmed or not, but I'm just going with what g1 taught me, blue Toa/matoran=lady. stuck_out_tongue

@JMP If that poll is official, then that changes.......absolutely nothing, people (myself included) are still gonna refer to the PoW as a lady. XD

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Glad to know that someone else is good at LDD models.

Thank you! The only downside to using LDD is that I don't have as many parts to use, and I can't get certail parts to fit the way they can irl. XD

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First, there was one:

Now there are many!!!

And no, I'm not gonna do a 360 turnaround pic of all of them. XD

Here's some download links for 'em:







Rename this "the Protector revamps on LDD.

Title change indeed might be wise...

As for the designs, I love the Protector Of Water Revamp, prefer the new old masks you went with. Though I think the weapon designs for the PoS, PoE and PoJ need a re-do, simply because they seem rather large and unwieldy for the protectors, even in their revamped forms.

Changed the title! ^-^ Thanks! Yeah, I definitely am gonna redo the PoS & PoE weapons, though I might just slightly alter the PoJ's "flamebow". stuck_out_tongue

Okay, I remade the POJ's bow:

I changed the POE's weapon to have just the drill-bit:

And I completely redid the POS's staff weapon:


Think the bow revamp works, though still not sold on the staff and drill. Though suppose its part of revamping the figure rather than completely re-doing it form scratch stuck_out_tongue

Lol, some of them can be a bit hard to do. stuck_out_tongue Though I really like how the staff turned out, I might use the design in a future MOC at some point. XD

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Yeah, in my view the redesigns are perfectly fine, I've just never been one for bulky or over-sized looking weapons. Though I understand that many people find them epic, so I suppose its a matter of personal taste stuck_out_tongue

Any chance of doing revamps for the Toa or LoSS or the summer skull villains in a similar style?