Bionicle 2015 Set Spotlight: Defender of Ice

Hello everyone, before I go and talk about this, I'd just like to say I will not spam the forum with these Spotlight topics. However I want to go through at least some of them, so I'll go by them one by one slowly. I just want the members of TTV to know that I don't want to spam and if it becomes a problem please talk to me directly so we can resolve some issues. Please do not spam the site with your own version, we don't want another 'President Eljay' incident. Thank you for reading.

Now this topic is for the Defender of Ice. Why this one first? Well it recently got my attention when I looked closely enough to it and saw a SPINNING BLADE/Saw that attach from under his hand. I know I pointed this out on another topic, again, this isn't to spam so please don't consider that it is. He also includes a Black themed Spider which I like, kind of stands out with the Icy-White theme.

Is there anything you can spot on the figure worth noting, and does he look good or bad. I'm sorry the pic is blurry but I tried to get pretty close to it.

Let's keep this child friendly, okay? ~Chronicler.

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Now that I look at it close enough, the Skull Spiders seem to have masks on them.

It sound like it would make sense, I mean, faces wear masks and the have skulls, so... Maybe?

What do you guys think?

From what I can see, his mask looks sorta like Gelu/Strakk, but it looks like entirely new pieces never used in Bionicle.

As far as the spiders go, it looks like they have a small face in front, and a skull-like mask on their thorax.

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I think he looks cool. If I end up getting one of the Protectors it'll have to be the Earth one though for his purple.

Image removed:

Due to it being confidential I don't think you should post images...

Image removed.

It's great that we have these pics!
Who are you most excited for?

Mine's Pohatu smile

And for the longest time the Ice Protector has been caught by my eye.

That saw blade...

I'm excited for Tahu, Kopaka, Lord of Skull Spiders/Skull Kraata, and a few of the Protectors.

I'm excited for Lewa's background art, and what it could mean.

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