Bionicle 2015 Sets planned from 2001?

Many older fans might remember some of the older Bionicle sets that came with Interactive Demo CD's that were intended to help the story, but have you looked closely at them recently. If you looked at them recently you may notice the similarity to many Bionicle 2015 sets including;

  • The Lord Of Skull Spiders designed as an Earth Spider that the toa would fight.

This is not the only thing that the 2001 Interactive Demo CD's seem to predict - as their is also several elemental based enemies that were possibly inspiration for the Elemental Lords based off Fire, Water, Air, Stone, Mud and Ice.

Link to source;

Hope to hear the thoughts of TTV fans and members :3


OH MAN. It is a continuation! Bionicle 2015: Return to Mata Nui!


Hmm... Rubs Beard That I Don't Have This is very interesting...

Like @Kookie said, this may be a continuation then. Or The Earth Spiders may just be an inspiration for The Skull Spiders. Either way, this is very cool. Thanks for sharing!


Spiders and elemental beings are pretty easy to come up with. It's most likely unrelated.

How can you return to what no longer exists though


In your dreeeeaaaaaammsssssss

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no they werent

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Isnt really helpful to necro-post a topic with that, at least contribute slightly to the discussion about whether it could have inspired the design or something ><

Wish Loss had that function or Scorpio,