BIONICLE 2015 Song Confirmed?

Recently on the interwebs, a "song" has been possibly leaked, since the artist and song name is unknown. No one can figure out who made the song. The song is called "I Am Machine", which is also the song name for Three Days Grace newest song. But I saw a youtuber named Gorix Studios, and jokingly claims that the font of the song is the same of the Bionicle logo. But also the chorus and name of the song are similar to Bionicle. I guess some people say they are machines, so I dont know if this the song for 2015. Possible though.

Song link-

Gorix Studios:


Not so sure how I'd feel about Three Days Grace doing Bionicle theme music....


Hmmm... Only time will tell my friends!

What are the lyrics? this does seem similar to the type of thing they weree pushing in 07 and 06. It also has the child-friendliness that Lego would strive for.

Also, listen to the chorus. it says "I'm a machine" not "I am machine"

I could see this working.



I personally would love having Three Days Grace do Bionicle music, but I can't tell if that's them. I'm not familiar with their new singer's voice, all that matters is that he's not Adam stuck_out_tongue

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Ha ha, I should use "confirmed" a lot less!


As long as its not the band from Chima's theme song. Finley or something I can't remember is their name.

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This right here.

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"My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

Song is "Machine" by MicLordz & Sauce Funky

how old is it?

2 years old. Def not bionicle. It is, however, a really good song

Oh well

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