BIONICLE 2015 Sprites?

So, not sure where to put this, but back in BIONICLE’s heyday, sprite comics were all over, and there were sprite kits for all the sets (Rayg, Chimoru, Vortex, Danska’s BIONICLE builder, etc). This kinda slowed down during 2009, when BIONICLE took a new direction, but many 2009 sprites were still made.

Then HF happened.

Now BIONICLE’s back. I’d love to see a return to sprite comics, and maybe even make my own, but I’ve not seen any HF sprites for the new CCBS system. Has anyone made any CCBS sprite kits that could be repurposed for the new 2015 BIONICLE, or tried to make sprite kits of the new sets?


I’d recommend making your own, and using Photoshop for such comics.
Similar to what TTV did.
Spriting can be hard, I haven’t had much experience in it but it can certainly be fulfilling to do so.


I need to learn how to sprite.

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I’m making a sprite kit for Okoto Online Game. I’ll probably post it on here or BZP when it’s done [;)]

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Hey cool.

Mystic Message Board Ruins.

Anyway, I would like to make a sprite someday, but I don’t know how to.