Bionicle 2015 system playset/diorama (LDD)

I’m sure everybody here would be interested in some bionicle system sets so we can get some building etc. I rebuild part of the bridge in episode 7 and 8 of the bionicle 2015 winter animations with the toa in minifig form.

the toa:

obviously there are no minifig helmets and other parts that are equal to the big sets. this is what came the closest. it’s just to show the concept.

set 1
episode 7

start bridge to the ancient city + all toa minifigs.

set 2
episode 8 middle of the bridge + LOSS + golden mask of the skull spiders.

both sets go together to make a big set/diorama
there is also room for a third part with the end of the bridge and the gate to the ancient city

I know that these don’t really work as a lego set.
-too big
-too expensive because of that
-little detail
-alot of repeats
but I still think it would be cool if we ever got something like this. if only so bionicle could get into lego dimensions as non canon of course.


I would love something like this


Really neat idea! Honestly I hope it Becomes a set!


I’d buy something like this.


I would love this, my only problem comes with pohatu being orange in my opinion


well pohatu’s coler isn’t in ldd because it hasn’t been updated in a long time.
this color was the closest to his normal color.


ah, it’s cool then

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That is a nice idea. It would be interesting to have it as a set, but more detailed.


oh this looks lovely

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This is great! It’s a really nice set, but I think they made a system play set, it would be inside the city.


Neat! I think it would be possible to shrink this down and make into a feasible playset. There’s a huge amount of bulk and brick that isn’t necessary. Incorporating some play features like falling pillars would be a good idea too.


Have you heard of LEGO Ideas?

Submit your project, and I’ll SUPPORT IT!!

EDIT: And build more!
I’d love to see the Protectors, Skull Warriors, Skull Slicer, Skull Scorpio, Skull Basher, Skull Grinder, Ekimu, Makuta, etc!

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Dark/Burnt Orange? It’s in LDD.

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Looks great, I like it! And then like star-wars have a few
constraction sets to go along with the years theme as they do with the movies.

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Then make him brown.