Bionicle 2015 Theory - Lego simplifying the Story?

In 2001 we had the Rahi and in 2002 we had the Bohrok and now we have LOSS (Lord of Skull Spiders) and Skull Spiders. I felt like the LOSS was a little bit similar to the Nui Jaga to me and the Skull Spiders to me are just Krana With legs and these are both in ONE year. When Lego said they we simplifying BIONICLE it might not be what we thought, The Toa Mata already look like there Nuva form or in mid Nuva form so does this mean we won't get EVEN MORE upgrades to these? To me it looks like they are splitting the time for BIONICLE in half and making it so the story flies by for the new generation. Put your opinion below.

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You have a point, but Lego said that they were taking inspiration by the original BIONICLE storyline.


If you recall, G1 BIONICLE's first year was pretty simple. You had six heroes on an island ruled by an evil being who they must stop by collecting masks with powers.


All the while protecting the daily lives of their village members, the turage(the chiefs and protectors of back then) and the Tohunga/Matoran(similar to the generic villagers we have)

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Okay, I feel like I need to point something out to the people who are freaking over the story. It's different. It's different and it's going to be different. Yes, LEGO will probably throw in some parallels and stuff, but that doesn't mean anything. Who knows what they're thinking of doing with the story?

Personally, I feel that trying to make everything from a reboot parallel exactly with the old story will inevitably cause both stories to lose their magic. LEGO is going to be doing something new alright, and if that means we get evil, face-hugging rahi a year earlier than G1 did, so what?

I'm going to be brutally honest here. This makes no sense. LEGO is making a different story, they aren't rehashing the same material and then speeding through reference after reference to the old story. No. We don't know anything still, and it's pretty silly to start drawing the conclusion before there's any evidence that LEGO is trying to half the story time.

This is what we call a hypothotheory. A hypothesis that people just automatically assume is a theory, even though there is no verifiable evidence to support it.


Besides, LEGO wants to make the story easy to understand for the line's first years to attract fans.

I'm positive that the story team will be drawing heavily from the old canon. I still predict that the story will play out similar to 2001-2003.

Based on your logic, G2's story is going to take longer than G1. The next three years are going to focus on the three legendary masks, which means the plot wont leave Okoto for a while.

They're taking a lot from the old story, they're making homages and references. It's a different story, regardless. They're not doing the same thing again besides keeping some key themes.

LOSS isn't really like the Nui-Jaga. Nui-Jaga was a rahi, never a full character with a pivotal plot role, the Nui-Jaga also represented a scorpion versus a spider (there's a lot of differences in design, role of the story, purpose and build). But a similarity is that the story team seem to want to go back to feral enemies, such as animals and other creatures, with or without intelligence.

Any simplification being done is done out of necessity, generally. Removing the jargon and aspects that overcomplicated the series in the long run. They want to create something with longetivity, something that will last, they want to make sure it retains a level of simplicity so anyone can jump into it at any time and understand what is happening and what is going on.


You have to remember Bionicle's first three years were very simple I think the event that made it more complex was time trap I think that book is what expanded the universe of Bionicle so I think Bionicle 2015 will be very simple like he is the bad guy we are the good guys here a little plot twist and a little filler stuff but nothing flashy I think that if you want to see this new Bionicle to get more complex it needs to age out for its new fans as young kids will not understand a hard to read story with confusing ends and beginnings. Lego knows that children will age with the story and the story will age with them.

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