Bionicle 2015 Torso - Now with Added Vahki Waist!

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So recently in the Bad Set Design Choices topic, there's been a bit of a discussion about how Vahki waists would have made for a better Bionicle 2015 torso. @Hawkflight had the idea that maybe by attaching one of those to the back of a slightly remolded gearbox, one could get the shoulders and hips in line with each other and get a better-looking torso.
Well me being the relatively unskilled yet enthusiastic person that I am, I decided to throw something together in LDD to try and see if it would work. So without further ado...

(Anything not colored in red is the same between both creations, anything in red is something I've changed [i.e. Vahki waist vs. HF torso].)
The dimensions of my "custom" gearbox are exactly the same as the real thing, disregarding the neck-area slope - sadly, LDD doesn't seem to actually have this piece yet.
As we can see on the left, the hips are now in line with the shoulders without sacrificing any of the original dimensions or functionality.
And now if the gearbox piece is remolded slightly (remolded parts represented in green)...

We can attach heads and torso armor exactly the same way as is done with the actual torso!
Now, I don't know about anyone else but I think this looks a lot better in terms of actual proportion and appearance - plus, no exposed balljoints! I guess the parts count would be a little higher if this was implemented, but only by about 5, at the most. Not saying this is what Lego should have done, but I guess it would've been nice to see it happen anyway.


Thank you.

I am going to go rebuild all of my 2015 sets this way now.


The thing is, I don't know if you can actually attach the armor and stuff to the gearbox piece as-is - I had to change some parts around and effectively 'remold' that piece in order to attach it all, as you can see in the third picture. If you do find a way to do it though, let me know, I'm interested to see if it can be pulled off in real life!


Including Kopaka?

Seriously though, interesting experiment. I'm not about to jump up and change them, but I'm sure a few of them work well without the added ball joints. Not sure how you're going to do Gali's friction gears though.

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Oh right, Kopeke's shoulder-things/

Well, I'll redo Lewa, Pohatu, Tahu, and maybe Gali.

Kopeke is G2 Kopaka cofirmed!

In all seriousness, why would you want to have half your sets to have this one MOD, but have all the others stay the same?

LEGO, Get on this ASAP for the next Bionicle or Constraction wave.


You now have the honor of somewhat understanding what goes on in my mind.

Thank you.


Darn it.

Every time I type Kopaka, I mess it up.

Anyway, All of the Toa are different anyway, so it's not like it makes a big fidderence.

I like this build not because it looks much better on the outside, but because it is no longer CCBS at the core and instead has a custom build.