Bionicle 2015 visuals

I personally like how Lego kept the rock texture from Mata Nui Rising and all the other Bionicle animations. Just a small detail but it brings me some nostalgia.


Personally it reminds me of some of the graphics from BIONICLE: The Game.

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Yeah, it does remind me of those rock textures. Another great observation by another great person. My mind can’t hold all these observations.


Can I just say: even though it was just a short clip, the mask of creation animation had amazing quality. That pedestal looks so real, no joke!


No problem!

that thing that the mask of creation is floating on, it kind of reminds me of the Portal from Skylanders


It looks like… a classic 3D rock texture.

Oh my god it totally does. What if there’s a Skylander’s like game but with Bionicles!!! #MindBlown

And you put toa sets on the thing and you use them in the game. Or putting a mic on it and transports it into the game.

actually you just blow my mind about bionicle portal game on the Xbox and Plasystation, ans that thing that the mask is floating on thats like the portal and the game came with Omega Tahu, Gali and Kopaka

A year later, and I never noticed.