Bionicle 2015's "Atmosphere"

With Bionicle its always been very mysterious, in 01 it was all like: “So there’s some tribal robots (biochemicals I know, but this is a just a example) on a island trying to stop some ravenous animals while also trying to grab some masks at the same time” And that’s cool, a really good starting point for a cool story. But now in 15’ Its not very mysterious and I know that Lego wants to try to keep it simple but complex at the same time and I understand that right now the “whole” feeling is great, but what about in the summer, SKULL VILLAINS, Bionicle always had pretty non generic villains: Makuta, Bohrok, Yo Yo Piraka. Only here and there they had some same-old villains (I am looking at you visorak ). But now skeletons. same old same old skeletons. Just had to get that out there you know.
I don’t hate the skull villains, but I feel they need better villains to create the sense of a story gen 1 was. There all done go, go comment now.


Though I do admittedly find the skull spiders an interesting concept, being able to pry of a Toa’s mask and control them face hugger style, I do feel as though LEGO has been overusing the same spider esq villain type with many of their lines recently. With 2013’s Brain Attack we got the brains, swarms of insectoid like creatures that latch onto their host and control them, in 2014’s Invasion from Below we had the jumpers, insectioid like creatures that jump onto their victims and attack, and now for the THIRD time with BIONICLE we have the Skull spiders, insectoid like creatures that latch onto their host and control them. Noticing a theme here?


That’s my point same old generic villains. There needs to be some more… I dunno, Imagination behind Bionicle’s Foes. you know.

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Whoever made this image did not utilize pathetic fallacy.


I want more of this artwork as promotional posters. Not those half-baked photoshoped pictures.


I am not talking about promos, I am talking about “feeling” of gen 2, I understand that its a whole new thing, For me it doesn’t feel “Bionicle” I don’t know maybe because its only out for a couple months, and it doesn’t have any real media going yet. Also the skull villains, feel like they should belong in something like He-man, not Bionicle. But I shouldn’t be complaining to much, because a least it is Bionicle and maybe it might just get better.


TBH, '01-'03 basically had one interesting villain, and that was Makuta (who will probably be the main villain of G2). The rest were all mindless beasts (Rahi, Bohrok, Bahrag, Rahkshi). '04-'05 introduced a few dynamic villains (Krekka and Nidhiki, Sidorak, Roodaka), but the majority were, once again, mindless beasts (Vahki and Visorak). It wasn’t until '06 that the majority of villains became dynamic. That was 5 YEARS after '01, so I wouldn’t say that Bionicle’s atmosphere is completely different.


The Phatoka and Mystika Makuta where pretty generic looking villains they where just bat and bug themed. I honestly don’t see the big deal of making skull themed ones.

Except promos and posters play a extremely significant role in creating a feeling…


Sure the 08 villains were…eh, but at least they were different from zombies or aliens or SKELENTONS. Name 3 other known “Bat Villains” Then I’ll be on board with you.

ManBat, every vampire ever, Mindwipe


Wingnut from TMNT in the new series anyway, not familiar with tmnt as a whole tbh
and of course,

[quote=“StudentScissorsLeaker, post:10, topic:7931”]
[/quote]that’s a good one too.

also get it right, they’re skull villains, not skeletons. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

but seriously, the skull villains are all drastically different from one another, to me that makes them good, compared to say, the piraka or rahkshii, who all looked like palette swaps. they’re more akin to the barraki.


Ok, ok I see your point, but have you ever heard of biochemical gangsters who enslave little biochemicals or face eating bug robots, or even crazy order enforcing robots, anywhere else? And shouldn’t they be skeletons because they’re decaying and bones are everywhere on their bodies?

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Yeh, you’re right.

It’s not exactly like BIO G1, so it’s completely terrible.

teh sarcasm is real


I am not saying that, I am saying goofy over-used skeletons doesn’t seem like Bionicle. Even though I am still buying all of them.

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he he…

I dare you to tell me that G1 villains weren’t goofy.

also, over-used, no, just no, don’t use that arguement, they may be skeletal, but they all look very unique. they aren’t just generic skeletons.
that’s like saying the visorak were goofy over-used spiders.


Thinking about it, Lego recycles a lot of stuff. Elemental powers? Also used in Ninjago and Elves. Robots? HF and Bionicle. Masks/Helmets: HF, Bionicle, Glatorian, Knights Kingdom, etc… Lego likes taking the ideas that work and reuse them. It really helps that they’re marketing this to young children, who may not have seen it before.

Each “skull villain” is different from one an other, sure but the skeleton genre is over used as a whole.

Also the G1 villains weren’t goofy. There you go.

Thank you for summarizing this. C: